Lady of Avalon
Lady of Avalon by Marian Zimmer Bradley is a Fantasy novel showcased in the Outpost10F Library.
Rating:The Fantasy novel Lady of Avalon by Marian Zimmer Bradley has been rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Author: Marian Zimmer Bradley
Published: May, 1998
Series: Avalon, Book 3
Review by: CL7 Dracmus

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Review: This is the story of Avalon, and how it became hidden from our sight. Britannia is being attacked by different enemies while Rome is reigning over the parts around Avalon. The Christian Monks of Inis Withrin are still living peaceful together with the people on the island Avalon. But that will change when the old monks die and new fanatic monks take over the order.

A group of priestesses have left Avalon to found their own community the Forest House. It didnít last long. The whole community has been destroyed. Caillean was only able to save Gawen; son of a priestess with a Roman father. She now brings him to Avalon, where he will be safe and finish his training. Then he will be able to choose if he wants to be a druid or if he wants to leave.

We see many Ladyís of Avalon pass in this story, whole generations teach us about the Ways of Avalon, about the druids and the priestesses and their ways. We learn about their part in the world outside of Avalon where wars are fought, history made and new alliances forged. We even have the change to learn about Faerie; another world hidden from our time.

Donít let the size of the book fool you, it will take a while to read it. But itís worth while all the time you spend reading and wondering. The story is interesting when one learns about the lessons of Avalon, and about Faerie. Teachings about the lessons of life, and that the ways of people are different, and something so much the same. If you like stories about secret ways, old ways, about druids and old gods, then you will find this book interesting. The parts where the Faerie queen speaks are wonderful If you ask me. Her vision on what has happened, her wise and mysterious words - trust me! You will want to read the next book in the series after you finish this story.

Title: Lady of Avalon
Series: Avalon, Book 3
Author: Marian Zimmer Bradley
Reviewed: CL7 Dracmus