Heer Bommel Vervolgt
Heer Bommel Vervolgt by Marten Toonder is a  Fantasy novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
Rating:Heer Bommel Vervolgt by Marten Toonder is a Fantasy novel rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Author: Marten Toonder
Published: 1990
Review by: CL7 Dracmus

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Review: The Stories of Lord Olivier B. Bommel have been in the Dutch papers for 40 years and have a historical and moral value. From the paper the cartoons moved to comics and Lord Olivier B. Bommel even got his own movie 'de Zwelbast'. Were he finds a huge egg and where he ends up with a young dragon. Later on Bommel got his own novel series where he has plenty of adventures with his young friend Tom Cat. Books not only written for children but also for the older public who grew up with his stories.

De Spiegelaar The Mirrower It's bad weather outside and Tom is on his way home while he sees a strange figure out in the fields taking some one with him. The other person even looks like Bommel and he goes after the figures, but they take off and Tom can just see them pass the moon. He goes to Bommel's loyal servant Joost to find out what happened to Bommel. Joost tells him that Lord Bommel is at home and has no clue what happened. Tom finds Bommel right there where Joost tolled him that he would be. He tells the story but Bommel doesn’t believe him. He stands before the mirror and turns to Tom telling him that a Lord of his class doesn't look like the person he has seen in the field. Tom has a closer look at the mirror and then tells Bommel that his reflection has gone. A Lord of Bommel's class can't go threw his life without a reflection and they start a new adventure to find fata morgana where they believe to find Bommel's reflection.

De Waarzegger The-truth-teller Lord Bommel has found a secret passage in his castle. Tom Cat passes Bommel's home at the right moment, and is invited to go with him to find out where the passage leads. Together they go up the ladder that they find behind the turning wall. Their adventure brings them to the attack where they find a leaden box. They cut it open and find a box with old tobacco. And that at the right moment, for Bommel just went out of his own tobacco. He putt’s some in his pipe and threw the warmth in the pipe a little while man starts growing right there. He tells Bommel and Tom that he is a truth teller. He likes the warmth of the pipe and decides to stay there and starts telling the truth. Can the world really handle the truth or is it only part of the truth, which the fortune-teller speaks.

Het Stenenbeenprobleem The Stone-leg-problem If you want everything to stay as it is, if you stop making changing’s for the future then you stop moving. In this story you will start turning into stone or marble in the case of Lord Bommel. Who doesn't want to modernize his castle in any way. He wakes up one morning to find one of his legs turned into Marble. The doctors don't have a medicine against it, and send him of to a health resort. Lord Bommel only gets more depressed. Then he meets another doctor who always seem to see the positive site in everything. Tom Cat doesn't trust him or his way of healing. Lord Bommel gets a positive thinking machine that follows him everywhere, and seems to get him all kinds of trouble.

I've seen the movie when I was little and even my first spoon and fork had Lord Bommel and Tom Cat on it. I know that I'm not the only Dutch person who great up with them. It was fun to read more of the stories, even when they where in a kind of old Dutch way of writing. But an easy old Dutch to read, children will find it strange but not too hard to read. It even might show up on a few Book lists for Dutch exams.

Title: Heer Bommel Vervolgtbr> Series:
Author: Marten Toonder<
Reviewed: CL7 Dracmus