The Chronicles of the Cheysuli
The Chronicles of the Cheysuli by Jennifer Robersson is a  Fantasy novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
Rating:The Chronicles of the Cheysuli by Jennifer Robersson is a Fantasy novel rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Author: Jennifer Robersson
Published: 1984-1992
Series: Chronicles of the Cheysuli
Review by: CL4 Angus MacGyver

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Review: I would like to recommend the book series "Chronicles of the Cheysuli" written by Jennifer Roberson between 1984 to 1992. The series is divided into eight books beginning with "Shapechangers" in 1984 and ending with the book "A tapestry of Lions" in 1992. The books are about a race called the Cheysuli who have the powers to change into a animal at will and each Cheysuli is followed by an animal that they have bonded with in a ritual when they were young. They are in union with The Homans who rule in the kingdom Homana. The king of Homana (or Mujhar as he is also called) has a cheysuli as a personal bodyguard.

In the beginning of the first book "Shapechangers" the union between the Cheysuli and Homans have been broken because the Homan kings bodyguard Hale has fled with his daughter Lindir. The first book begins with a girl named Alix, daughter of Hale and Lindir. In answer to this the king has started a war to annihilate all the Cheysuli. The Cheysuli follow an ancient prophecy in which it is stated that a child will be born that will unite four warring races. The Homans, the Cheysuli, the Ihlini (sworn enemies of the Cheysuli) and the Atvians. And Alix the kings daughter finds that she has to accept her place in this ancient prophecy and so does Carillon prince of Homana.

In Book Two "The song of Homana", Homana has been taken over by an usurper king following the death of the old king by the hands of the Ihlini. Prince Carillon is returning after a few years in exile and now finds that he has to challenge the usurper king to claim back his throne and his rightful heritage. Alix falls in love with Duncan, a Cheysuli and they marry thus fulfilling their part in the prophecy.

In Book Three "Legacy of the Sword", the aftermath of Carillons victory over the usurper King Donal son of Duncan and Alix is being trained to be the first Cheysuli in generations to assume the throne of Homana. But first he must overcome the Homans fear of his race and the Ihlini.

Book Four "Track of the white Wolf" is about Niall, son of Donal has been forced to flee into exile but he knows that he must someday return to Homana and claim his rightful place as king.

In Book Five "A Pride of Princes" the sons of Niall, Brendan, Hart and Corin have been ordered by their father to travel to three different kingdoms and there rule those kingdoms in his name for punishment for a fire they started in Homanas capital that cost many lives. Little does Niall know that he is driving his sons right into the hands of the Ihlini.

Book Six "Daughter of the Lion" is about Keely, twin sister of Corin and daughter to Niall the Mujhar of Homana. She has the power to change into any creature that she likes. A power only held be the "firstborn", the child spoken of in the Cheysuli prophecy. So Keely will play a crucial role in the firstborns prophecy.

Book Seven "Flight of the Raven" is about Aidan, heir to the throne of Homana and inheritor of the prophecy. He finds himself commanded by a god called The hunter to find a series of god given golden links. But Lochiel, a Ihlini and the Cheysulis most deadly foe is using every trick and deception he can to stop Aidan and by that destroy the prophecy forever.

In Book Eight "A Tapestry of Lions" the prophecy comes to a conclusion thanks to Kellin, heir to Homanas throne who has to have a child with a Ihlini to fulfill the prophecy. But the Ihlini will do anything to stop it from happening.

Well, I dont want to reveal much more. I recommend that your read the books because they are absolutety excellent.

Title: The Chronicles of the Cheysuli
Series: Chronicles of the Cheysuli
Author: Jennifer Robersson
Reviewed: CL4 Angus McGyver