Dragons Milk
Dragons Milk by Susan Fletcher is a  Fantasy novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
Rating:Dragons Milk by Susan Fletcher is a Fantasy novel rated 3/5 by this reviewer.
Author: Susan Fletcher
Published: November, 1996
Review by: CL4 Diane Dragonsayer

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Review: When her little "sister" became ill with the vermillion fever, Kaeldra began the most difficult period of her life.

Kaeldra, the descendant of a long line of green-eyed dragonsayers, must find and take some of the dragon's milk. The draclings become her only means of protection and the source of the milk. When a youth comes to her door looking for her, she becomes intrigued, even more so when she finds out he is also a dragonsayer.

She returns to the dragon's lair many times after that, for more milk and the companionship of the draclings. When the boys in town kill the draclings mother, she must take over their care. She has one other task she must fulfill; to take the draclings to the plle where their Kyn sailed to on the other side of the world so they can live in peace.

Can she complette her journey? Read the book and find out. It' a good book, I'd recommend it to anyone.

Title: Dragons Milk
Author: Susan Fletcher
Reviewed: CL4 Diane Dragonsayer