DragonsDawn by Anne McCaffrey is a  Fantasy novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
Rating:DragonsDawn by Anne McCaffrey is a Fantasy novel rated 2/5 by this reviewer.
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Published: Reissue, September, 1989
Series: This is the prequel to the DragonRiders of Pern Series
Review by: CL4 FerretGrrl, Queen of the Ankles

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Review: A prequel to the "DragonRiders of Pern" books, this volume is a delightful look into the history of Pern. In this story, we see the landing of the first colonists, how the government took shape,and how the agricultural community got its' bearings. The first few years were peaceful, with most of the populous working toward the bright future this new world offers them.

Nearly ten years after landfall, Pern is ravaged by a natural phenomenon dubbed "Thread" that leaves the colonists fearing for the the continuation of their way of life. Only the small creatures that resemble Dragons from ancient earth mythology seem capable of fighting these dreaded "Thread". The colonists put their most talented geneticists on the job to create a defense. Kitti Ping created huge beasts using the genetic code of the small dragonets, enhancing them with mentasynth, a technique that will allow beast and rider to communicate telepathically.

Just when it appears that things couldn't get worse, one of the volcanos that the original landing site was situated under, begins to build pressure and erupt. All colonists moved to the Northern Continent, trying to salvage what they could with the help of the Dragons, an armada of seaworthy vessels, and decrepit flitters. And along the way the new DragonRiders prove that they are capable of everything their giant beasts have beed bred to do - including fighting "Thread".

An interesting read, it lends insight into the previous books in the series, and lends precedents for later stories.

Title: DragonsDawn
Series: This is the prequel to the DragonRiders of Pern Series
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Reviewed: CL4 FerretGrrl, Queen of the Ankles