Eragon by Christopher Paolini is a  Fantasy novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
Rating:Eragon by Christopher Paolini is a Fantasy novel rated /5 by this reviewer.
Author: Christopher Paolini
Published: August, 2003
Series: The Inheritance, Book 1
Review by: CL5 Beryl

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Review: When we first meet Eragon he is an ordinary boy living on a farm in the imaginary land of Alagaesia with his uncle and cousin. He likes to spend time in the mountains around his home, and one day he finds a big blue "stone". At that point everything begins to change.

When the farm is destroyed, Eragon feels responsible and sets off on an epic journey, accompanied by Saphira, the dragon who hatched from the "stone". They are seeking revenge, but find instead friendship and truth. Throughout the course of the journey Eragon gets to know himself better as a person, as well as gaining a better understanding of the bond he shares with Saphira.

Eragon is a story primarily of friendship, of personal evolution, and of ties of both love and hate. Although it centers around the relationship between Eragon and Saphira, there are many other emotional and meaningful features that flit in and out of the storyline and leave the mind tingling.

The story is fulfilling in the sense that a reader can tell there is a whole world to which it is only a window. Christopher Paolini created an entire reality, complete with cultue, languages, history, et cetera; much of which is only hinted at, but leaves the reader convinced that there is more. Although the wording and writing style itself leaves room for improvement, it also leaves potential for improvement; and the plot was flawless.

I think most readers of Eragon eagerly await the completion of this trilogy. The author, a promising addition to the world of fantasy, presents his story with distinct information; Eragon depends less on the reader's imagination than a lot of books, making it appeal to a wide audience. Eragon is definitely a worth-while book to read.

Title: Eragon
Series: The Inheritance, Book 1
Author: Christopher Paolini
Reviewed: CL5 Beryl