The Eyes of the Dragon
The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King is a  Fantasy novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
Rating:The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King is a Fantasy novel rated /5 by this reviewer.
Author: Stephen King
Published: 1988
Review by: CL4 Cynara

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Review: The kingdom of Delain is in turmoil as the old king dies and his successor must do battle for the throne. Pitted against an evil wizard and a would-be rival, Prince Peter makes a daring escape and rallies the forces of Good to fight for what is rightfully his.

This book is typical good guy, bad guy for you. I skipped most of it and read the ending, knowing exactly what would happen. What would've been so nice to see is the evil Flagg (a name that seems to respresent evil guys in other novels) win. I almost found this book to be a fairy tale, it was so typical of a fairy tale, everything turns out peachy keen.

Mr King also doesn't want to tell us much about his characters. A good book makes you relate to one character in some way and to do that you need character development. He doesn't have it in this book. Ok, so I relate to his bad guy Flagg because he's so evil and nasty, like any other Stephen King bad guy. I almost wish he had won and gotten the kingdom and did evil things as ruler. It would've made this novel so much better in my eyes.

If you read any other review on this book, you'll see that I'm probably the only one who doesn't like it. So I suggest you go out and read and see for yourself. I'm not saying I don't like it because it's not typical Stephen King, when I get into a novel, I don't care who has written it as long as it's good. I'm saying I didn't like it because it was horrible. No twists, no turns, everything was too predictable.

Title: The Eyes of the Dragon
Author: Stephen King
Reviewed: CL4 Cynara