The Forests of Avalon
(AKA The Forest House)
The Forests of Avalon (AKA The Forest House) by Marion Zimmer Bradley  is a Fantasy novel showcased in the Outpost10F Library.
Rating:The Forests of Avalon (AKA The Forest House) by Marion Zimmer Bradley has been rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
Published: 1994
Series: Mysts of Avalon, The Lady of Avalon
Review by: CL7 Dracmus

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Synopses: Eilan and her cousin Dieda are walking to the secret well to offer flowers and food to the Goddess when they hear a noise coming from the old bear pit. A Roman officer names Gaius Macellius Severus Siluricus has fallen in, hurt his foot and got stabbed threw the shoulder by one of the spears in the pit. The girls get help and Cynric get the young man out of the bit and Bendeigid gives him sanctuary in his home. Gaius revives enough at the house to know that they will kill him if they find out that he is a Roman. He says his name is Gawen, for his mother has always called him by that name, and she was a woman of the old tribes. He will need to remember the things he learned from her to survive in this Druid household. For his injuries wont let him leave for several weeks.

Review: Gawenís wounds are taken care of in the house of a druid and his family. They all go to the Beltane feast, and Gaius learns a lot about the way of life his mother must have lived. He falls in love with Eilan. The sisters of the Foresthouse come and choose Dieda to join them. Diede has no desire to join the sisterhood, her sister Eilan however would have been overjoyed to be able to join the sisterhood and worship the Lady. The girls think that there was a mix-up, since even their fathers keep mixing them up.

Dieda leaves behind her beloved Cynric, who is a member of the Ravens; a group of young men whose mothers have been killed and raped by the Romans, and who want revenge. The High priestess sees that they have made a mistake and the next Beltane feast Eilan is also called to the sisterhood. There they learn about the Lady, about greater powers, and that life as a priestess isnít as good as Eilan thought it would be.

This is a great book about a cultural difference and love set in a time long ago. Wars go threw the country where the Romans and the natives fight. We learn about the carrier of Gaius and his love for Eilan. We see Eilan join the sisterhood, grow there and become high priestess. We learn about the difference about the sisters of the Forest house and the Druids. And that there is more then this lifetime and that our path isnít always as clear as we would like it to be.

Title: The Forests of Avalon (AKA The Forest House)
Series: Mysts of Avalon, The Lady of Avalon
Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
Reviewed: CL7 Dracmus