Harpy Thyme
Harpy Thyme by Piers Anthony is a  Fantasy novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
Rating:Harpy Thyme by Piers Anthony is a Fantasy novel rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
Author: Piers Anthony
Published: 1993
Series: Xanth
Review by: CL4 Val/Tavosa

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Review: One of the many Xanth novels, this book takes us to that delightful place where puns come to life in a most unexpected way. This book tells of Gloha goblin-harpy's search for a mate. As there are only her and her brother Harglo that are goblin-harpies, the first of their kind, her search is long, varied, and interesting. From her answer, to see the Good Magicians second son, to the end of her quest, Anthony takes us on a trek around Xanth that alternately amuses and intrigues us.

On the journey we meet a nymphomaniac, and learn of D. Metria's marriage, we meet once again Marrow Bones, the walking skeleton, and see him become the owner of part of a soul, we meet Cynthia the winged centaur, and help her find a family where she can learn what being a centaur is all about. This poor 'girl'? was transformed by Trent many years ago and has been in the Brain Coral's pool ever since!

Interested? Then try the book, or any one of the many Xanth novels, funny, light-hearted, yet at times with a serious under-tone, these books are enjoyable. Try them!!

Title: Harpy Thyme
Series: Xanth
Author: Piers Anthony
Reviewed: CL4 Val/Tavosa