Heresy by Anselm Audley is a  Fantasy novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
Rating:Heresy by Anselm Audley is a Fantasy novel rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
Author: Anselm Audley
Published: 2001
Series: Aquasilva Trilogy, Book I
Review by: CL4 Jaina Smith

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Review: 'Heresy' is book one of the "Aquasilva Trilogy" and is set, rather obviously in a place called Aquasilva. A huge water world, Aquasilva is controlled by the Domain and its warriors, the Sacri.

Escount Cathan, son of Count Elnibal is sent to inform his father of the discovery of iron ore in one of their mines. While traveling to the Clan Congress where his father awaits him, Cathan manages to cross swords with heretics who should not be, and to discover a Domain plot to finish oppressing the already enslaved world.

With little control over his situation, he is forced to become an aid to the heretics, and so break the Domain's iron fist. Even as he realizes that the Domain is evil, he begins to see how daunting a struggle lays before him and the others fighting for freedom. But he also sees how friends can appear in unexpected places, and those whom he trusts most may become an enemy.

Though the first book by a new author, Audley's book is cunning and brilliant, making him someone you definitely want to keep your eyes on for future works in the fantasy genre. Impossible to put down, 'Heresy' is extraordinary. It is perhaps, one of the best works I've read this year.

However, just because it's marketed as fantasy, don't let that stop you from reading the book, science fiction fans! Like Modesitt Jr.'s fantasy-science fiction novels, Audley has placed a surprising amount of science into this novel, which makes it that much more delightful. 'Heresy' is definitely a must read for fantasy and science fiction lovers of all ages.

(Note by reviewer: After writing this review, I happened to read the cover thoroughly. Anslem Audly is just beginning his university experience at Oxford. He is 19 years old. Discovering this fact gives me reason to doubly praise this author for his fine work, which will doubtless inspire other young people to show their work to the world.)

Title: Heresy
Series: Aquasilva Trilogy, Book I
Author: Anselm Audley
Reviewed: CL4 Jaina Smith