Magic's Pawn
Magic's Pawn by Mercedes Lackey is a Fantasy novel showcased in the Outpost10F Library.
Rating:Magic's Pawn by Mercedes Lackey has been rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Author: Mercedes Lackey
Published: 1989
Series: The Last Herald-Mage
Review by: CL4 Himiko Sabbrawrra

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Review: Vanyel Ashkevron was the heir to his fathers land.The only problem is that Vanyel had different ideas what he wanted to do.Vanyel wanted to be A bard. Thus threw his nature His father kept having the arms master try o make a man out of him threw constant beatings and his mother sending pretty maidens at him.vans life was out of control and no one but his sister Lissa cared about him in a loving way. It wasn't until Vanyel was beaten senseless by the arms master breaking his arm and nearly killing him did anything new happen. Vanel was going to be sent away to his Aunt Savil who was a Herald-mage in hopes to make a man out of him.

Savil was a hard old women but she saw right away that Van needed coaxing to come out of his shell and her protege student Tylendal who was a chey e chern(likes males) began to befriend Van. The two became close and Vanyel began to have more then friend feelings towards him. They both became life bonded and threw that life bond Van was able to feel whole and happy among his new home. Tylendal however had a twin and was murdered and felt he had to do revenge and talked Van into helping him. One night they went out and Tylendal threw his mage power released monsters to destroy his enemies. His Companion came to the scene and repudiated the bond they had leaving him mindless as she went and gave her life to slow the creatures down until help came. Vanyel now shocked didn't move until Tylendal mindless ran off a cliff. Filled beyond grief Van ran away into a river and wanted to die but was pulled back by a companion and Van looked in her eyes and was chosen. Van was then taken back to Savil and it was then identified that he was not only chosen, he had mage gift and many other powers and thus Van begins a new life he never wanted in the beginning as he struggles to come to grips with his self and his horrific power that if not controlled can place many including Valdamer itself in High danger.

I really enjoyed this book. All the characters were wonderful and you could put yourself in many of them. I had so many favorite places in the story and you could feel the pain and the sorrow of the main character trying to come to realization that he is different in worlds where there are not many like him.

Title: Magic's Pawn
Series: The Last Herald-Mage
Author: Mercedes Lackey
Reviewed: CL4 Himiko Sabbrawrra