Outcast of Redwall
Outcast of Redwall by Brian Jacques is a Fantasy novel showcased in the Outpost10F Library.
Rating:Outcast of Redwall by Brian Jacques has been rated /5 by this reviewer.
Author: Brian Jacques
Published: 2003
Series: Redwall
Review by: CL3 Ur˙va

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Swart the Sixclaw has only just started on his career of slaying and plundering when a young badger ruined his six-clawed paw. Swart swore he would have vengeance on this badger he kept as a helpless slave for seasons; and he is perfectly willing to murder and lie to get the amount of vermin it takes to attack the stronghold Salamandastron. Only when he have a huge horde at his back does he feel that he can safely overcome the legendary badger Sunflash the Mace. During this time he sires a son - a small six-clawed ferret like himself. During an attack however, the small ferret babe is lost from the horde, an event which Swart hardly notices. Yet this event, which matters little to the infants father, makes a great deal of difference to the creatures of Redwall who take in and protect the tiny ferret.

Outcast of Redwall is a book by Brian Jacques that is far different from any he has ever written. Instead of the typical good against bad, this book has a different plot in which the evil ferret babe is brought up and loved by a hedgehog maid. In an odd twist, she follows when the six-clawed vermin known as Veil is Outlawed from Redwall for attempting to kill a Redwall creature. When the villainous Veil meets up with his father Swart, still on the trail of Sunflash the badger.Together they manage to capture Swart's lifelong enemy, but in the meantime his son's ever-present hedgehog friend makes Veil decide between his former nurse and advocate and his position in his father's horde.

This book surprised me with its imaginative stroy line and characters. The difference between this and Jacques other books is amazing. Although the story is written just as well as his others, this book is different enough that it may be read completely separate from any of his other books. If you just want to try this author, I would suggest reading either Outcast of Redwall or Redwall.

Title: Outcast of Redwall
Series: Redwall
Author: Brian Jacques
Reviewed: CL3 Ur˙va