Redwall by Brian Jacques is a Fantasy novel showcased in the Outpost10F Library.
Rating:The Fantasy novel Redwall by Brian Jacques has been rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Author: Brian Jacques
Published: 1986
Series: Redwall, Book 1
Review by: CL2 Uruva

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If you are looking for a book with adventure, sword-fighting, evil verses good, puzzles, and a love interest, I have two suggestions for you; either watch The Princess Bride or read Redwall by Brian Jacques.

Redwall is the first in a series of books by Brian Jacques, a wonderful English writer with a sense of the incredible. All of the books in the Redwall series are about a collection of animals such as mice, hedgehogs, badgers, and otters all living together in a huge Abbey called Redwall.

The little novice Matthias is often overlooked as he wanders about in his oversized sandals. Overlooked that is, until the rat Cluny attacks the Abbey, and it is time for a hero to find himself and protect his friends (including the beautiful Cornflower). Of course, he has the help of a supernatural warrior long-dead, the legendary mouse Martin. Matthias must go on a quest to find the magic sword of Martin and bring peace back to his Abbey.

On the way, he has his dinner eaten by a hungry hare, is nearly eaten by a cat, an owl, and a huge adder, almost gets flattened by an angry sparrow, and is forced to become a man (or whatever is it mice become). In the end, he is made the first Warrior of Redwall in hundreds of years, and marries the lovely Cornflower.

Everyone I know under the age of seventy loves these books, and I have absolutely no complaints about the author or his books. If you like an interesting read, or are just looking for a new series, you canít go wrong by reading Redwall.

Title: Redwall
Author: Brian Jacques
Reviewed: CL2 Uruva