Clan of the Shape Changers
Clan of the Shape Changers by Robert Levy is a  Fantasy novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
Rating:Clan of the Shape Changers by Robert Levy is a Fantasy novel rated 2/5 by this reviewer.
Author: Robert Levy
Published: April, 1994
Review by: CL4 Diane Dragonsayer

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Review: Susan is a young girl of 16 living in the Thoral Mountains. When a kings messenger and shaman comes to her little town, it means drastic changes in her life. It has been decreed that all bearing the "witches mark" must return to the town of their birth to be judged whether ot not they are in fact, witches. And it has been decreed that none bearing the mark can ever marry or bear children, by order of the King and Ometerer, Defender of Justice and the True Magic.

Years before, Susan had been taken in by a wizard who discovered she had a wild gift. Left by the Ancient Ones, this is a powerful magic of shape changing. A clan in and of themselves, the shapechangers were nearly extinct, or so Susan was told. After beginning her Testing period, she must survive on her instincts, her wolf Farrun and her ability to change her shape into any animal she sees fit.

Rescuing a boy after changing shape gets her into trouble with the shaman. He believes she is a witch and wishes to sent her to Ometerer and the King. She makes a swift escape and discovers a boy. To her utter shock, he is a fellow shapechanger. In their chosen animal forms, and their human forms, they begin the greatest and most important journey in their lives. Read the book and discover the secrets of the Ancient Ones. I give it one and a half claws up.

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Title: Clan of the Shape Changers
Author: Robert Levy
Reviewed: CL4 Diane Dragonsayer