Dragons of Spring Dawning
Dragons of Spring Dawning by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman is a  Fantasy novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
Rating:Dragons of Spring Dawning by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman  is a Fantasy novel rated 3/5 by this reviewer.
Author: Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
Series: Dragonlance Chronicles
Review by: CL4 Zekk Draco

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Review: This book is volume three of the Dragonlance Chronicles, and is part of the Dragonlance Saga.

The book is based on the continued adventures of the Companions, who are leading the war against the evil armies of the Queen of Darkness, Takhisis.

After having gained the Dragonlance, the companions set out across the Blood Sea of Istar to protect the one person who could bring about the end of the Queen of Darkness-The Green Gemstone Man.

But when they are caught up in a violent storm, and their ship is destroyed in the sea, they have enough to do simply saving themselves.

Meanwhile, Sturm Brightblade, Laralanthalasa, Flint Fireforge, and Tasslehoff Burrfoot lead the Solamnic Knights into battle to defend the City of Palanthas against the Dragon Armies. But they are not alone, as good dragons return to the world to help battle the evil dragons.

But when the companions reach the evil city Neraka, nothing they have done before matters as they begin the final battle of the War of the Lance. For good, or for evil.

Based on Dragons of Autumn Twilight and Dragons of Winter Night, and set in a world based on the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game, this book combines both action and story telling to form one of the six greatest Dragonlance novels ever written. (Three of the five are sequels to this book, and the other two are the first two Dragonlance books.)

This book was well written, with good character development, a smooth, flowing plot, and character motivation that is far beyond most other books in or outside of its genre. Although it is sixteen years old, this book will capture the attention of readers of any age, and is still available in reprints, and also in compendiums of all three chronicles. Amazon and Ebay both have this book appearing on their sites from time to time, and may even have the originals.

Title: Dragons of Spring Dawning
Series: Dragonlance Chronicles
Author: Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
Reviewed: CL4 Zekk Draco