The White Dragon
The White Dragon by Anne McCaffrey is a  Fantasy novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
Rating:The White Dragon by Anne McCaffrey is a Fantasy novel rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Series: Pern Saga
Review by: CL5 T'Val

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Review: In "The White Dragon", young Jaxom of Ruatha and his white dragon Ruth, are experiencing the world of Pern. Jaxon is not-quite-man with rights and responsibilities. The other men and dragon riders will not let him prove his, and his dragon's abilities. Sometimes Jaxom has to bend the rules to prove himself.

Being born a discolored runt, Ruth is not supposed to be. But Lord Jaxom helped him out of the egg, and from then on, it was a match. Ruth, small and beautiful inhis own way,is believed to be less strong than the other dragons. Jaxom and his young dragon are proving to all of Pern that they are just as good, if not better, at fighting the deadly Thread as the others. Ruth adds a slight comic relief approach to things. His innocence in the answers and statements are both comedic and smart.

With Ruth's amazing bond with the fire-lizards, he is capable of attracting the small ones, and he talks to them. And, Jaxom finds the ancient civilizations and also stops a grief stricken dragon rider from leaving Pern.

I loved, yes, adored this book! Anne McCaffreyis a great writer and I hope she continues writing about Pern. I am an avid reader of all McCaffrey's work, but most particularly the Pern books. To be honest, she's my favorite author ever!! This world has been created, and all the wonderful, complex characters that call Pern home have many time provided a "safe place" for me when I was feeling down. The descriptions of emotions and place are, as ever, captivating.

I highly recommend this book to all fantasy and dragon lovers.

Title: The White Dragon
Series: Pern Saga
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Reviewed: CL5 T'Val