Wolf in Night
Wolf in Night by Tara K. Harper is a Fantasy novel showcased in the Outpost10F Library.
Rating:The Fantasy novel Wolf in Night by Tara K. Harper has been rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Author: Tara K. Harper
Published: February, 2005
Series: Tales of the Wolves
Review by: CL7 Dracmus

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Synopsis: It is "Test Time" and Nori and Payne are traveling to Sidisport with a caravan. Together with their uncles, cousin, friends, the cozar, the guilds members and the merchants they travel in a caravan. New people join the groups, others leave at towns and suddenly too many accidents happen.

Review: We are on a foreign world where the old Earthers have landed, by mistake, ages ago. Mysterious aliens guard nature against the colonization of humanity. Nori has grown up scouting the wilderness like many of her family members. Her mother scans regions for danger. She has help from the telepathic wolves, who some times choose a human to bond with, the human becomes a Wolfwalker.

Nori and Payne have grown up under the protection of their parents and uncles: their mother, being the famous Wolfwalker Dione, and their father a council member, with an ex-raider in the family and plenty other skills in other family members. They find it hard to have a life of their own. Especially Nori, who has a yellow taint from the aliens and feels the grey from the wolfs. Payne, the Brother, who stays at his sistersí side, not because she needs him, but he needs her. Now they are riding to Test, its Noriís last change to get tested and earn a rank. And she still refuses, same way with taking orders from the elders and Journey.

They are traveling in a dangerous environment, with Poolahís, Worlags and Badgerbears all predators and then Nori goes missing. She is called by the grey, to safe two new born wolf from the predators, and takes them to safety. She runs with the wolfs and learns more about the grey, the telepathic connection with the wolves. She just manages to stay alive, alone in the wilderness without any weapons, rations or any other standard gear. And as if that isnít bad enough she can add hired hunters to the list of creatures that are after her.

Payne notices that Nori has gone missing and starts looking for her on the caravan. No body has seen her and other caravan members thing that he is just over protective. He tells his uncles about it and they call a search. Nori can take care of her self, but this isnít her way.

Itís a little unclear on where the story takes place if you donít know the books. It could well be in a fantasy world, or even combined fantasy with our own medieval times. Itís a world with unknown things, an alien plague, plenty of new laws, ways and creatures, where you can learn a lot. If you like this books then I suggest you keep an eye out for the other books which will come out in this series. Or check out the Black Wolfwalker series, which are all about the parents of Nori and Payne. Itís a book full of action, a beginning of a journey that must end in victory or death will follow.

Title: Wolf in Night
Series: Tales of the Wolves
Author: Tara K. Harper
Reviewed: CL7 Dracmus