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The Captain From Connecticut

Rating: The Captain From Connecticut by C.S. Forester is a Good Book rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Published: 1941
Author: C.S Forester
Review by: CL3 The Green Knight

Ever wonder what it was like to sail a heavy frigate during the War of 1812? We all have heard of the name of "Old Ironsides" also known as the U.S.S. Constitution. The frigate in this story is the same type, the word, "heavy" tells us that this frigate carries a few more cannons than most of their class of fighting ships. This is a historical fiction novel based around a fictional ship, Captain, et al. However, the story told is one that could very well have happened in the history of the United States. Captain Josiah Peabody is a New Englander born and bred, God-fearing, but, at the same time, has what Forester calls, the common sense born of a New Englander.

Every battle that Captain Peabody goes into, he enters with the mind-set of a military man who does not want to lose. His orders were to go to the Caribbean, and wreak havoc with the shipping of the British in the West Indies. With the help of a few privateers, he ccomplishes this, using dismantling shot, which destroys the rigging of any ship.

He comes across a British convoy, destroys the rigging of the ships of war that are guarding the convoy, and go about destroying as many ships as possible. While he detests this type of search and destroy, he realizes that it is a necessary evil because they are at war with the British, and any strikes against the British help the Americans.

This is a story of epic proportions, beginning with an escape of the British blockade during a New England blizzard, culminating in a standoff in a neutral port. It is a tale that shows the American spirit to its fullest, the brilliant mind of Captain Peabody and his limited resources. It is a story of life, libery, and the pursuit of happiness. Everything that Americans hold dear is described within these pages. This story helps to describe the feelings of people during the War of 1812, when everything appeared to be hopeless, the U.S.S. Delaware, though fictional, in this story showed that there was still hope to be had.

So, follow along with the story of a sailor and see what dreams are made into reality.

Title: The Captain From Connecticut
Author: C.S. Forester
Review by: CL3 The Green Knight