Indiana Jones & The Secret of Easter Island by Wolfgang Hohlbein is a Good Book showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Indiana Jones & The Secret of Easter Island

Rating: Indiana Jones & The Secret of Easter Island by Wolfgang Hohlbein is a Good Book rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Published: January, 1997
Author: Wolfgang Hohlbein
Review by: CL7 Dracmus

Synopsis: A small plane has crashed near one of the small islands in the Pacific Ocean. It doesnít look like the plane or the survivors will be able to make it to the civilized world. The island is smaller then they thought, and they are not alone there. They have to share the island with a group of giants.

Review: Indiana Jones and Grisswald are asked to join an expedition to Easter Island by the government. Grisswald doesnít want Jones to go, he and his stupid adventures. Jones is better off teaching, and so is the university. Jones, however, tries to convince the government people that he isnít the right man for the job; there are other colleagues who know way more about that part of the world. But then again, it would be an interesting journey; digging through remains of a lost civilization, when there is so little know about them.

Jones and Grisswald set of on their journey to Sydney, where a boat will bring them to Easter Island. They finally made it to the dock, when Jones is supposed to speak to the press about their secret adventure. Why would he do that? There will be adventurers all about the Island before you know it. They were supposed to be on a secret trip, but seems that the government has some other plans for them. They find out what those plans are when they awake on board; they are drugged, and not on a civil ship but on a military ship.

The Americans had a spy in the Nazi army, locating all the Nazi marine bases in the Pacific Ocean. The papers, except a small notebook, got lost when the plane crashed for a second time. They now need to find their spy, he is the only one who can help them. Indiana is on this expedition for his experience on many adventures. They have one lead: a crazy guy, who lives on one of the island. And who claims to have seen giants, the same kind of giants which where drawn on the remaining pages of the spyís notebook.

Here you have a great Indiana Jones story written on a level for young adults. You got action and just when you think you got it all figured out you get another twist to the story. You need to pay attention all the way through the story, because names, ranks and stories keep changing. You got your ancient civilization, with itís own mysteries. The Naziís who again are on Jonesís path. There is nothing missing here, and a must to read for all Indiana Jones fans.

Title: Indiana Jones & The Secret of Easter island
Author: Wolfgang Hohlbein
Review by: CL7 Dracmus