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Sons of Fortune

Rating: Sons of Fortune by Jeffrey Archer is a Good Book rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Published: 2003
Author: Jeffrey Archer
Review by: CL4 Dmitri

"Sons of Fortune" tells the story of two brothers. Nat and Fletcher are twins that end up being separated at birth.

One child resides with wealthy society parents and the other lives a middle class existence. We are taken on a journey through their lives and see how for years their true identities are kept a secret. One becomes a banker and the other lawyer and both end up going head to head in a exciting and thrilling political race which ends up in the murder and arrest of two of the candidates.

As typical of a Jeffrey Archer book it is intelligently wrote and provides what I believe to be a interesting and witty insight into the American political process. Whilst doing this we are provided with doses of drama, action and romance, all of which manifests itself at various different multiple points in the story. Basically it is a roller coaster ride of emotion.

We get to see events unfolding from the perspectives of both brothers and how they eventually come together on different occasions to achieve their full potential.

I think it important to mention that the author himself, Jeffrey Archer, was a politician. He was the youngest ever serving member of the House of Commons and a member of the Conservative party. A little while ago, he narrowly lost the election to Mayor of London and shortly afterwards he found himself imprisoned for perjury. However, now released he continues to write his stunning best selling novels.

Title: Sons of Fortune
Author: Jeffrey Archer
Review by: CL4 Dmitri