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Commodore Hornblower

Rating: Commodore Hornblower by C.S. Forester is a Good Book rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Published: 1945
Author: C.S. Forester
Review by: CL4 the Green Knight

Following the adventures of Hortio Hornblower, now knighted in the Most Honorable Order of the Bath, he seems to be living the "good life." He has a loving wife, his fortune made, and he is the Squire of Smallbridge. However, not is all well with Sir Hornblower. He still longs for a command at sea, with the war with Napoleon still raging, he does get what he wishes for.

This story describes the adventures of Hornblower in the Baltic with a small squadron under his command as Commodore. His old friend and subordinate, Captain Bush, is placed in command of his flagship, the "Nonsuch", of 74 guns, he also has 2 sloops-of-war, 2 Bomb-ketches, and a cutter. All of these vessels play an important part in the story of the war against Napoleon in the Baltic, as Hornblower rushes to the aid of England's newest ally, Russia. In a small corner of the world, at Riga, Hornblower shows his cunning intellect, and his flair for finding opportunities where most men would not have found any.

This book is a work of fiction, historical fiction, but, it is still a very action- packed and exciting read. I recommend this book to anyone who has every dreamed of living the life of a sailor on the old wooden ships, and also for anyone who just likes reading exciting, new material. Sir Horatio Hornblower, K.B, is a fascinating character to read about, mainly because of how he views himself in light of his fellow officers. His subordinates view him as the miracle-worker, and think him a genius. Hornblower, on the other hand, sees himself as a fragile human being who has more faults than he can count. In conclusion, this book helps to describe to all of us what it could have been like serving in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars.

Author: C.S. Forester
Review by: CL4 the Green Knight