Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs by Max McCoy is a Good Book showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs

Rating: Indiana Jones & The Gold of El Dorado by Wolfgang Hohlbein is a Good Book rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
Published: 1996
Author: Max McCoy
Review by: CL7 Dracmus

Synopsis: Indy is in a cave under a fortress in the company of René Belloq and plenty of bruises given to him by the twins. He wanted to get a crystal skull, but Bellog doesnīt want to sell it to him. A nazi submarine submerges and takes the skull. As always, Indy manages to get away, almost unharmed. But he has to return to the university... with or without the skull. Back there, he finds it hard to get back to teaching. One evening, he locks himself up and wants to concentrate on the pile of work which he has to correct. A woman knocks on his door.

She tells him that she is looking for her father, Dr. Starbuck. He was in China, looking for dinasaur remains. He had sent her this horn. Indy tells her that is a dinosaur horn. But that it isnīt his field. He suggests that they go to show this to his friend Marcus in the museum the next morning. Joan Starburck tells Indy that she is followed and Indy escorts her to a nearby convent. The next morning, at the museum, Marcus says that the horn is from a triceratops. One who must have been alive recently. He tells Indy to go to radiology for some tests. But the horn is been stolen by two monks. Marcus organizes an expedition to Mongolia, where they hope to find Joan's father. And solve the mystery of the horn.

Review: Indy is going to Mongolia. Together with Joan, Granger and Wu Han. It will be a hard trip. There are wars all over the place. Again the Russians and the natives fighting about who is ruler of the land. Even the Chinese cross his path. Some how they arrive at the place where Joan's father has been doing research. They can't make a step without seeing dinosaur bones. But there is no trace of Joan's father. And if that wasnīt enough. They are attacked by general Tzi and his man eating dogs. But every enemy has his own enemies. And they are saved again. And find more clues about the horn. Will they still have a change to see a living dinosaur...

A good book. Easy to read and full of action. Without that, it wont be a good Indiana Jones book. Not hard to imagine the story. I can almost say that I have seen the movie, even if itīs never been made. Some nice things are shown about the loyalty of a dog, and the man eating dogs at the other hand. About places which we all dream of, but know do not exist. A living triceratops, just a few donīt want to see it walking around. But if you had the change, would you put it in a Zoo. Or place it in an almost natural habitat so you can watch it. Or would you keep it hidden from the hunters for whom this will be the ultimate prize. It is easy to think about your self. But remember that what ever you do, it will have consequences for all of us. And that looks can be deceiving.

Title: Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs
Author: Max McCoy
Review by: CL7 Dracmus