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Lone Eagle

Rating: Lone Eagle by Cassie Edwards is a Good Book rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Published: 1998
Author: Cassie Edwards
Review by: CL5 Ayanna

This book includes hate, revenge, lust, love, and deceit all those that make up for an exciting story. It begins with Zondra a slave girl who although appears white is actually black working in the gardens of her fatherís Plantation. She is filled with jealousy toward her other siblings who are of white skin and white bloodline and are treated differently than her. After not being able to take anymore of her fatherís abuse she sets out on a journey to escape slavery. She finds herself wondering onto Crow territory a group of Indians that live in that area of the plantation. She soon finds herself falling in love with Lone Eagle but once she learns he plans to one day take her as his wife and insist she call him lord she flees not wanting to be a slave to anyone again. Fighting for her freedom she sees no choice but staying at Lone Eagleís tribe until she is sure that she will no longer be harmed. Love wins over all and in the end the two are married and live happily at the India Tribe after facing her father and brother one last time.

I felt that this book was an excellent read, especially those who love a bit of culture in their reading, The story line was well written and in depth. I, however, would not recommend it to those who are under the age of 17 as it goes in depth in some areas that parents may not approve of. The only thing I felt wasn't really that good was the part of Guy, who was Zondra's half-brother. I feel that it could have been different. You would have to read the book to understand why I feel this way. Even though it has bits that aren't to my taste it was still a well written Indian romance novel.

Title: Lone Eagle
Author: Cassie Edwards
Review by: CL5 Ayanna