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Rating: Moonfleet by J. Meade Falkner is a Good Book rated 3/5 by this reviewer.
Published: 1989
Author: J. Meade Falkner
Review by: CL7 Dracmus

Synopsis: John Trenchard is tells about his live. His story begins when he was 15 years old and living in Moonfleet. His parents have died and he lives with his aunt. There is a large family living in Moonfleet called the Mohunes. Their most famous family member is John Mohune, better knows as Blackbeard. The story goes that he hunts Moonfleet in search of his diamond. Like every boy John dreams of finding it and becoming a rich man.

Review: John often goes to the cemetery; there is a place there with a wonderful view over the sea. He goes out to that place, for he has been forced to stay indoors by the heavy rains for the last couple of days. He meets some friends there who say they have heard voices there. The caretaker Ratseye assures them that it where the coffins who where floating around. After some time John notices that the rain has made a whole in the ground, under one of the graves, a hole large enough for him to clime through. But instead of finding the diamond he is almost found by a smugglers group.

John hides and listen, he recognizes some voices of people of the village. The Innkeeper was among them; he had just lost his son at see. When the soldiers attacked a ship that they thought was smuggling. John can only wait till the smugglers leave and he can go home again. When the smugglers finally leave John gets out of his hiding place. He falls threw Blacksbeard's coffin on his way down. And find a silver box with a note inside. Who knows it might be a clue to where the diamond is. He finds out that they have repaired the hole that he used to come in. He is trapped in, all alone in the Mohunes grave chamber. He starts to dig a hole that should lead to the tunnel he used to come in, but without any luck. His candle burns out and he loses track of time. He is found by Ratseye and the Innkeeper a few day later, more dead then living. The Innkeeper takes him home with him. And takes care of him like John was his son. He tells John to keep what happened a secret, and that he is welcome to stay.

That is the start of John’s adventure, an adventure that changed his live for good. Where he left his aunts home, and got a new family. And where he helped Elzevir Block, the innkeeper with his smuggling. It's a good story, which some of us might have read in school for English. It's an easy to read book, which I recommend to those of you who want to improve their English. The book has a nice pirate story, with a pirates curse and even a happy ending, what else you expect from a good book.

Title: Moonfleet
Author: J. Meade Falkner
Review by: CL7 Dracmus