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The Best Laid Plans

Rating: The Best Laid Plans by Sidney Sheldon is a Good Book rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
Published: 1998
Author: Sidney Sheldon
Review by: CL3 Dmitri

Sidney Sheldons book The Best Laid Plans is an imaginatively written fun novel. I would describe it as being a vengefull drama. It tells the story of Media Mogul Leslie Stewart and her drive to desroy senator and presidential candidate Oliver Russell's future after an unsuccessful relationship with him in his early days in the political race.

Leslie Stewart plans every detail in his destruction. She uses her power in the media to discredit and to attmept to destroy Russell. She releases many destructive and highly questionable stories about him, on the front pages of her newspapers.

If this book teaches us anything at all it is that all plans, no matter how well planned can go wrong.

In addition to this the character of Dana Evans is closely focused on, she is a reporter hot on the trail of a conspiracy involving the appearance of several bodies, closely linked to Oliver Russell. Is Russell responsible?

There are twists and turns galore on every page. After starting this novel it will be impossible to put down due to it's fast pace and mind blowing style. I have read many Sheldon books and this one like all of his others delights and pleases the reader as always.

I find that all of Sheldon's books are easy and simplistic to read. This is done in a way however as not to detract from the thrill of the novel. Don't be put off by this and read this book, it is well worth it.

Title: The Best laid Plans
Author: Sidney Sheldon
Review by: CL3 Dmitri