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The Sanctuary Sparrow

Rating: The Sanctuary Sparrow by Ellis Peters  is a Good Book rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
Published: 1982
Author: Ellis Peters
Review by: CL7 Dracmus

Synopsis: We are in medieval Wales, where brother Cadfeal's task is to look after the herbal garden of the monastery. He also is an amateur detective, who has solved many cases in the county. There are not many killings which go by him without him taking a closer look. In this case, a young man comes to the monastery knocking on the door asking for asylum. Not far behind are a group of villagers who want to see him hang. The brothers let him in and since he's in and given asylum he can't be harmed on the grounds of the monastery. This gives Cadfeal some time to investigate.

Review: Liliwin, a young man who is earning money as an entertainer has been chased to the monastery by a group of man from the village. He manages to get in the Church, where the monks hear all the noise. When Abbot Radulfus finds the group kicking and hitting the young man, he manages to get them quiet and protects the young man. Prior Roberto and Brother Cadfeal have followed him and they start making a line between the villagers and the young man. The abbot listens to the story of the villagers. The boy is accused of murder and theft. He orders them out of the church - they can come back in the morning with a representative of the law. Brother Cadfeal is ordered to clean up the boy and stay with him during the night. The rest of the brothers are going to there cells.

Brother Cadfeal knew the family Aurifaber, from whom young Daniel had accused Liliwin. And even the morning after Liliwin had found shelter in the monastery, he was asked to see grandmother Aurifaber who had suffered from another attack when she heard what happened to her son. This was Cadfeal's chance to hear the story again from what happened at Daniel's wedding.

It seems that Liliwin didnīt kill Master Walter Aurifaber, the man got hit over the head the last night and then fell in a coma. This changes the hole situation a little. Now young Liliwin is accused of violence and theft. The boy is granted 40 days asylum in which he can think about what happened and when the law can search for evidence to what has happened.

I find this a good book. Ok I've seen a lot of Cadfeal's stories on TV, but still these books are good. You can just taste the atmosphere, old Wales, the old days of when the church had power. When people had their own trades or worked for their masters. The days when people got thrown in dungeons and where others who got more luck could start their lives elsewhere. Where this Brother who is interested in mysteries can help out the law solving them.

I certainly want to recommend to you that you read these storeis. They arenīt that long. And there are plenty of them. No need to read them in a certain order. And if you are given the chance, see a few of them on TV. How they determine that a woman is a witch or not. Or just how life was way back then.

Title: The Sanctuary Sparrow
Author: Ellis Peters
Review by: CL7 Dracmus