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Down Under

Rating: Down Under by Bill Bryson is a Good Book rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Published: 2001
Author: Bill Bryson
Review by: CL5 Lupus

As a travel writter, Bryson manages to capture the atmosphere and convey it to the reader in great detail. The candid appoach to his writting as well as the observations (comically true.... Ive never known cricket could be so funny)of Australia and Australians, plus the comical situations he gets himself into (I now have a whole new of body boarding) makes the book page turning interesting, poinent and so funny you cant read it in public for fear of falling on the floor in fits of giggles.

The book, like most of his books, opens with a discrition of everything that could kill you. It follows him in his various journeys around Australia. His joyneys are completed in stages, sometimes by himself, other times with companions.

It is not all about him though. The blend of history, science, current affairs and human observations make it a good background read on Australia. If you have ever been, are going to, ever wanted or have ever thought about Australia, you have to read this book. Its like taking a holiday there with out all the fuss. A brilliant and hillarious book.

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Title: Down Under
Author: Bill Bryson
Review by: CL5 Lupus