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Walker, Texas Ranger

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Rating: Walker, Texas Ranger by James Reasoner is a Good Book rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
Published: April, 1999
Author: James Reasoner
Review by: CL7 Amanda Sielu Paris

I hesitated even buying this set of books. Usually when you have a show or a movie you love so much the books written about it have a tendency to suck so bad and you wonder if the author has even seen the show before. This author apparently did, because he had all the inside jokes working and there were some corny one-liners just as the show would have had. Once I got started, I really couldn't stop, because it has been so long since the show was on TV and now I had new material. The only thing I really have to regret about buying these and waiting this long to read them is that there aren't anymore to the series. There was only three books and so far I've only gotten the first one done, but I look forward to the other two at this point.

The book starts out much like a "Walker, Texas Ranger" episode would. Two brothers have recently gotten out of jail after Walker arrested them two years ago. They have made a name for themselves in the drug world and are slowly getting out of the whole that their arrest caused them. Only this time the Vega Garcia brothers have paired up with a man that is not only dangerous, but nowhere near trustworthy. They are just using him to get the job done and then plan on disposing of him. The only thing is, this man plans on doing the same thing with the brothers. His identity remains unknown though as he only goes by El Diablo. The plan is working perfectly for both the brothers and Diablo. A contact in a gang in Dallas is to smuggle in some medicine for a free medical clinic in the ghetto and inside those are going to be drugs to distribute. The only thing that has to be done is the seperation process. This doesn't happen and a retired nurse, who is also an old acquaintance of Walker's, accidentally gives drugs to a little boy for an ear ache. The rush is on to save the little boy's life and prove the nurse's innocence. Walker's trail takes him to Laredo to a fellow Ranger station on the border.

A Mexican drug cop joins the rangers as they hunt for this elusive Diablo. But things are quite adding up. There is someone in their investigation that is warning Diablo and the Texas Rangers barely escape a few times from set-up attacks. Walker begins to suspect people surrounding them and this makes him put his plan into action, but at the end he finds out something he wished he hadn't of found out. Diablo was closer to Walker then he thought and he's all ready to set up a meeting between the Vega Garcia brothers and Walker. This is a meeting that Diablo is assured that Walker won't walk away from. Only he does and he destroys the drug headquarters in Mexico for the organization. Now Diablo has ran away to savage what he can of his operation and uses innocent bystanders to keep Walker from laying down his full strike. Now Walker must stop a bus full of drugs and innocent tourists from crossing over the border before any of the hostages are killed and those drugs hit the street.

The book was awesome... until they are chasing the bus. I bought how they hid the drugs on the bus and I bought who was Diablo, but then they made it sound like they had all this time to put all these weapons on the bus. I don't know, something about a tourist bus turning into a tank really doesn't appeal to me as reality. That's the only real problem I had with this book. Other than that, it was like watching another episode of the show. I was really pleased with the fact that the author had the jokes between C.D. and Trivette right while Alex and Walker had that chemistry, but then he had to ruin it with that bus. That is the only reason I give this book a four. Other than that, it was everything I hoped a "Walker, Texas Ranger" book would be.

Title: Walker, Texas Ranger
Author: James Reasoner
Review by: CL7 Amanda Sielu Paris