Walker, Texas Ranger: Hell's Half Acre by James Reasoner is a Good Book showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Walker, Texas Ranger: Hell's Half Acre

Rating: Walker, Texas Ranger: Hell's Half Acre by James Reasoner is a Good Book rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Published: 1999
Author: James Reasoner
Review by: CL7 Amanda Sielu Paris

“Everyone has to have their hero,” Assistant District Attorney Alex Cahill-Walker once said of her husband, Walker, a Texas Ranger. Texas Ranger Cordell Walker’s hero just happens to be one of the greatest Rangers to ever wear the badge; Hayes Cooper. The modern day Ranger even has a picture of the legend hanging up in his own home and has told stories of the adventures of Hayes Cooper throughout the run of the series. But this book finds him in a situation that seems to mirror a situation that Hayes Cooper went through in 1901.

The Rangers of today are an advanced and elite group of Dallas’ and Fort Worth’s best cops that have gone on to wear the badge. They have the backing of every police force in Texas and the power to take over any investigation. Back when Cooper was wearing the badge, it was a bit different. He was almost like a bounty hunter only with the law on his side. He went from town to town tracking down some of the Texas’ biggest criminals on horseback, often sleeping on the ground with only his horse as company. It was a hard life, but Cooper and almost all the men who bore the star lived for it. Cooper was tracking a bank robber that had been eluding him some how for months and he was right on the heels of the robber when he tricks him and somehow gets away. Without any other options, Cooper heads to the nearest town which happens to be Fort Worth. Then he meets two men who seem to be good, law-abiding citizens that just want to help him track down his enemy. The story takes a dramatic twist when Cooper finds out his friends aren’t really friends of the law at all and then his enemy takes a child hostage. Now this has turned into even more situation then Cooper had figured on.

Walker begins his side of the story by telling this very story of Hayes Cooper to a group of children at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame located in Waco, Texas (which this reviewer can proudly say she’s been to it and loved it thanks to Robert Griffith). He is interrupted in his story when another set of bank robberies has occurred and now he’s hot on the trail of his own bank robbers. We do get the story of these bank robbers who are quite different from the ones that Cooper was tracking. The lead bank robber thinks that they are Butch and Sundance with their Wild Bunch group they ran around with. When his partner kills some people in the last robbery, he points out that Butch and Sundance would never kill anyone for money. That’s when things go wrong for the lead bank robber and he’s murdered. His “friend” goes to the extreme and kidnaps the daughter and wife of a rich business man. Suddenly Walker’s story he was telling the kids seems to be happening to him and his partner in modern Dallas/Fort Worth.

This book was definitely better then the first one. I like how the author mirrored the two stories and somehow made the believable that these events to could happen to two different men in different centuries. There are a lot of differences, but there are also a lot of things that you know made the two stories link up even with years between them. Walker and Cooper may both be Texas Rangers, but they get the job done differently. It may be because of the men they are or just the difference in the times they lived, but you get to see how the two Rangers are different. I loved this book and think James Reasoner has done an awesome job sticking with the show and mastering the magic from the screen to the page. If you are a “Walker, Texas Ranger” fan… then you’ll love this book! Too bad he only wrote three though. Oh, well, only one more to go before they are all reviewed now! But this book improved from the first one and that’s why I give this book a five.

Title: Walker, Texas Ranger: Hell's Half Acre
Author: James Reasoner
Review by: CL7 Amanda Sielu Paris