Welcome to the temporarily redesigned Science Fiction section of the Outpost Library. Since this is one of the most popular literary genre's for our members, we have divided it into 3 new areas of interest. Click on the Section you are interested in to find our reviewer's favorite authors and their bestselling work.

Reviews are in alphabetical order by author - click on the Authors name by the book title to read the review. However, note that where we have large Series of books, they may be in numerical order, or alphabetized by title. A brand new page design is in the works, and we hope you like the new navigations in place while we work on this section's final upgrade.

The Earth section features books that take place on our home plaet Earth. Wether past, present or future, events, people, places and things may be familiar to you, but with a twist provided by these talented authors.

Known Space favorites chosen by our reviewing staff because they are located in our known galaxy. Inspired by television or movies, classic collections, or just darn good ideas and execution, these books are unique in their look to the future and how we will get "out there" and what we will find.

For the Alternate Universes fan, this is the place to really stretch your imagination. Dr. Who is a real presence here, as are the entire Vorkosigian series by Bujold. And a heck of alot of other good stuff. These stories will make you think and travel outside what we think we know to places we can only hope to find one day.

Pick a book, give it a read, and let your mind take you somewhere special!