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Rating: The Science Fiction novel Hogfather by Terry Pratchett has been rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
Author: Terry Pratchett
Published: 1996
Review by: CL2 ohm

Hogfather takes the reader to a world where madness and trepidation have joined hand in hand to lead readers on a haphazard journey through uncharted waters. Terry Practchett has a style that is his alone, a way with words and a dialog which manages the impossible. He has written all of the Discworld series, numbering now over 20 books, each seemingly better than the last. The Hogfather is not one of his latest works, or indeed first, but neatly in the middle order of things.

The Hogfather presents an intriguing storey, The Auditors of the universe; that is well best kept for you to discover, want the Hogfather; a jolly fat man who delivers presents to children, dead. But how does one kill which is not there or at least what exists within the minds of all? Why you hire Mister Teatime, an assassin who seems to be more suited to a profession where you are strapped in a tight jacket and spend most of your time in a padded cell.

The plot itself twists and folds and double backs on itself miraculously not losing the reader and not creating those unsightly plot holes. Death it seems has taken over the Hogfathers roll as events continue to unfold, as strange beings such like the Verruca Fairy start to spring into existence. Will the Discworld ever see another morning; it is up to Susan the gothic governess, and Deaths granddaughter, to sort it out.

Although this book it significantly darker than most of the others in the series it's wit and comic grasp on the nature of things makes it a delight to read. If you are inclined to your fantasy with a little bit of humour the Discworld series is a must. The brief synopsis provided it but a fading glimmer of the true storey, one which is rich and cries out to be read.

Title: Hogfather
Author: Terry Pratchett
Review by: CL2 ohm