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Rating: The Science Fiction novel Timeline by Michael Crichton has been rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Author: Michael Crichton
Published: 1999
Review by: CL4 Ryo Crimson

Robert Doniger, a brilliant, but greedy technologist and business man has discovered a way to cross the quantum foam that binds the Universe and travel to dimensions very much like our past. Using what he is calling a "quantum computer" and using a MRI company as an alias to cover up what ITC is really researching. The complicated series of machines copies an actual person in a computer and with the help of the "quantum computer", an individual is destroyed in our dimension and recreated in another. This, obviously, poses many problems. Another one being transcription errors, which change the person in physical and mental ways. This relatively unknown technology is going to get the ultimate test.

The professor and leader of a historical site disappears when trying to figure out the mystery of their sponsor. When it is found out that he was lost in time while visiting the 14th century by using ITC’s unknown technology, three of his brave graduate students must brave a harrowing experience and find him.

When they arrive, they are immediately cut off from a way home, their only guides murdered by a ruthless band of knights. They must face blood-thirsty Barons, treacherous knights, a green monster of a man, and catapult loads of pitch ready to burn them to a cinder. They must find the professor and discover the secrets of an impenetrable castle, before a war ensues around them. All the while, they are on a time limit that if not met, will leave them in the past, for as long as they can survive.

Andre’ Marek is a 29 year-old graduate student who is obsessed with history. Very strong and determined, his knowledge of medieval customs and society help the group on their journey. He is a very unusual person by today’s standard. He knows several languages dead to the world today that were used in the medieval times. He learned how to use a broadsword and can fire a bow up to 100 pounds of pull. He even taught himself how to joust. Marek must be able to use every one of his skills to live in the very dangerous world.

Kate Erickson, the ash-blond tom-boy of the little group, is an expert climber and proves herself as capable as the other guys when it comes down to the heat of combat. Architecture is her field of expertise and her quick thinking helps to solve some of the mysteries that are keeping them there.

Chris Hughes is a young man, orphaned a few years before. He is an expert in the field of the science of history. He starts out as a rather naive orphan that seems whinny and weak. He must either adapt on this journey, or die trying.

The students must go back and try to blend in with the times while looking for their beloved Professor. They must overcome fieriest knights, ruthless bandits, blood-thirsty barons, Arrows raining down, giant loads of fiery pitch, and demonic men if they ever want to see home again.

This exciting tale of history and science had me in expectation all the while. It was a real page-turner and I could not put it down. Truly a fascinating and well-written novel. However, I wouldn’t advise younger readers read this book. It contains some swearing and a few scenes of blood-shed. This was one of the best books that I have read in a long time and I would give it a 5, even in the worst of moods.

Title: Timeline
Author: Michael Crichton
Review by: CL4 Ryo Crimson