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Doctor Who

The Genesis of the Daleks

Rating: The Science Fiction novel The Genesis of the Daleks by Terrance Dicks has been rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
Series: Doctor Who, Television Adaptation #4
Author: Terrance Dicks
Published: 1974, last published in the US in 1989
Review by: CL2 Clone of Maul

Synopsis: The Time Lords have witnessed an alternate future where the Daleks have become the dominant species in the universe and all other life forms are dead. And so, they order the Doctor (in his 4th Incarnation) to travel back to Skaro to a time before the Daleks were destroyed and prevent their creation, or at the very least, alter their genetic development.

And so, the Doctor and his companions, Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan arrive at Skaro after a thousand years of war between the Kaleds and Thals, the two races on Skaro. But the Time Lords and the Doctor have not counted on the obsession of Davros, a mad scientist and the creator of the Daleks, and that makes the Doctor's quest all the more difficult...

Review: I have seen the Genesis of the Daleks on television, and it's one of my most favorite Doctor Who adventures. I also found the book equally entertaining.

With the Daleks the Doctor's greatest enemies, I found this very interesting seeing their creation. At first, they seem mindless drones that only obey Davros (this guy is equally scary - basically he is a rotting green corpse kept alive by a wheel chair that looks like the bottom of a Dalek, Yuck, I know), but then, the Daleks have a secret agenda in mind... and it's one of the turning points in Dalek history!

Even if you don't like talking trash cans that use plungers as guns, the conflict between the Kaleds and Thals is pretty good. And I really enjoyed the character of Davros - he's so evil! The story progresses very well (I wouldn't expect anything less from Terrance Dicks) and there is a dramatic irony when the Doctor is captured by Davros and forced to spill out the history of the Daleks and tell Davros their weaknesses, possibly making them more powerful than ever!

Like with the actual episodes, I enjoyed Genesis of the Daleks, but the villians of the piece could have been featured more - shame.

NOTE: this one you can get as an audio book thru the real book is very limited availability so look for it at your used book store or online somewhere.

Title: The Genesis of the Daleks
Author: Terrance Dicks
Series: Doctor Who
Review by: CL2 The Clone of Maul