The Revenge of the Cybermen by Terrance Dicks is a Science Fiction novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Doctor Who

The Revenge of the Cybermen

Rating: The Science Fiction novel The Revenge of the Cybermen by Terrance Dicks has been rated 3/5 by this reviewer.
Series: Doctor Who
Author: Terrance Dicks
Published: 1974, 7th pub. in the US in 1989
Review by: CL2 The Clone of Maul

Synopsis: Fresh from their defeat of Davros and the Daleks (in Genesis of the Daleks), the Doctor (in his 4th Incarnation), Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan arrive on the Space Beacon Nerva and wait for the Time Lords to transport the TARDIS to them. But they soon discover a conspiracy among the station crew and that the Cybermen live, hungry for revenge!

Review: The Cybermen have returned, thought destroyed by the planet of Voga when the planet expolded. Voga contains gold, the Cybermen's weakness, and they discover a part of the planet that still lives. The remnants of the Cybermen vow to destroy it and become the dominant species in the universe!

The story is very good, the Doctor is in top form as he, the crew on Space Beacon Nerva, Sarah and harry race to stop the Cybermen from destroying the last threat to their power. The Vogans are interesting also, and the political rivalry between the two of them was very well done - maybe it could have been focused on more? The character of Kellmen, well, his story I found was very confusing as he double-crossed everybody.

The action at the end is very good and nail-biting - the best part of the book! Just when you think the threat of the Cybermen is over, a new threat arises to Voga! You have been warned!!

So, in all, the Revenge of the Cybermen was a pretty good read!

NOTE: another one that is out of print - but keep checking - someone has to have a used copy of it for sale somewhere!

Title: The Revenge of the Cybermen
Author: Terrance Dicks
Series: Doctor Who
Review by: CL2 The Clone of Maul