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Doctor Who


Rating: The Science Fiction novel Players by Terrance Dicks has been rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
Series: Doctor Who
Author: Terrance Dicks
Published: 1999
Review by: CL2 The Clone of Maul

Who?: The Sixth Doctor

Companions: Peri

Enemies:The Players

Setting: Between the Doctor Who episodes, The Mark of the Rani and The Two Doctors

Synopsis: The Doctor, in his Sixth regeneration, is asked by his companion Peri to take her 'somewhere nice'. So the Doctor transports them to 1889, Victorian England, and while the TARDIS transports them to the right time, they trasport to the wrong place...

The end up in the Boer War where they meet a young Winston Churchill, well before his glory days. During a battle with the English battling the enemies, the Doctor saves Churchill from a mysterious assasin. The Doctor remembers a similar incident in a past regeneration but in Winston Chruchill's future. The Doctor and Peri then travel into the future to London just before the outbreak of World War Two. Infiltrating the London aristocracy, the Doctor and Peri discover scandals within then government and learn that the alien beings known as the Players are posing as politicans, and are using time as nothing more then a chess board and are attempting to assinate Winston Churchill again and alter time...

Review: Having expierienced Terrance Dicks' Doctor Who before, I really enjoyed this book.

The Sixth Doctor is written very well as is his companion Peri, the new bad guys, the Players are also done very well, despite the fact we hardly ever see them. The Count and Countess, two of these 'Players' are excellent villians, as they attempt to alter time but for nothing more then score points.

Compared to other Doctor Who books I've read, this book wasn't confusing at all. The events flowed together smoothly, and it built to an exciting conclusion and ended on a note where we may be seeing more of the Players sometime in the future. The appearence of such historical figures as Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler are very well done as is the political scandals in the English government. A highly enjoyable read!

Title: Players
Author: Terrance Dicks
Series: Doctor Who
Review by: CL2 The Clone of Maul