The Infinity Doctors by Lance Parkin is a Science Fiction novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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The Infinity Doctors

Rating: The Science Fiction novel The Infinity Doctors by Lance Parkin has been rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Series: Doctor Who
Author: Lance Parkin
Published: November, 1998
Review by: CL8 Babel

From The Infinity Doctors:

"Sing about the past again, and sing that same old song.
Tell me what you know, so I can tell you that you're wrong."

It's the eve of important peace talks, to be hosted on Gallifrey by the Doctor. However, murderers, kidnapping and the discovery of a force capable of ending all space/time raise the stakes...

This is an extremely clever book. Established fans of Who argue about whether it is "Our" Doctor, an alternate Doctor, and so on. It is probably best to accept the central character as the Doctor, leave it at that and enjoy the book.

And there is much to enjoy. The characterization, the descriptive power, the easy way in which cosmological issues are explained and painted all sweep the reader along. The plot is swift-moving and grips from the start. We also see different sides to the Time Lords themselves as they investigate the force that threatens Existance itself. They are both terrified of it and hungry for its' power. The powerful figure of the Magistrate, who directs operations, is by turns sinister, commanding and the Doctor's oldest friend. An intriguing character.

This book is probably best attempted by readers with some familiarity with the universe of Doctor Who. It's well worth a read and is one of the most rewarding Who novels ever written.

Title: The Infinity Doctors
Author: Lance Parkin
Review by: CL8 Babel