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Doctor Who:

The Novel of the Film

Rating: The Science Fiction novel Doctor Who by Gary Russell has been rated 3/5 by this reviewer.
Series: Doctor Who
Author: Gary Russell
Published: 1996
Review by: CL2 The Clone of Maul

Who?: The Seventh and Eight Doctors

Companions: Dr Grace Halloway

Enemies: The Master

Synopsis: Based on the 1996 TV movie, The Doctor, in his Seventh regeneration, has a vision of his enemy, the Master, also a renegade Time Lord, being murdered by the Daleks. The Doctor decides to take the Master's remains home to Gallifrey but somehow, mysteriously the TARDIS malfunctions and ends up in San Francisco in December 1999, several days before New Year's Day and a new millenium in fact. The Doctor emerges from the TARDIS but gets caught in the crossfire in a gangwar in Chinatown, the Doctor is wounded and is taken away to the city hospital.

Meanwhile the Master's remains take over a new host body, and convinces a boy, Chang Lee, that the Doctor is evil and the Master must get the Doctor's body. Meanwhile, Dr Grace Halloway, a surgeon, believes she failed to save the Doctor's life when he dies. However, the Doctor regenerates into his eight form, and convinces Halloway, (after he eventually gets his memory back), to assist him in defeating the Master, before he opens the Eye of Harmonyon, the TARDIS and wipes Earth from time. The Master doesn't care, if he must live...then Earth must die.

Review: Despite some lines and scenes different from the actual film, Doctor Who: The Novel of the Film, is an enjoyable read. While it's sad we see the end of the era of the Seventh Doctor it's refreshing to see the dawn of the Eight Doctor's. There's an interesting cameo by the Daleks at the beginning. Of course, the villian of the piece, the Master, is as evil as ever. Taking control of a new body, murderring people and decieveing others in the process, the Master is finely written by Gary Russell.

As for the Eighth Doctor, considering it's his first appearence, it was hilarious as he slowly regains his memory with the help of new character, Dr Grace Halloway. It seems the Doctor is nore eccentric then ever, jelly babies, disarming oppenents, and still using the alias of Doctor John Smith!

I thought the idea of the Eye of Harmony, a device in the TARDIS that is intrumental in the story was confusing at first, and how they atually save the world in the end. But the race against time to stop the Master is exciting, and the other supporting character, Chang Lee, was well written and given a very interesting back story.

And so it ends...with the TARDIS taking the Doctor going alone for new adventures and a new era of excitement! A very good jumping in point for new readers to Doctor Who!

NOTE: This one is available in audio book form, thanks to our friends at amazon. Again, the book is limited, so check the used book stores in your neighborhood or on-line.

Title: Doctor Who: The Novel of the Film
Author: Gary Russell
Series: Doctor Who
Review by: CL2 The Clone of Maul