Unnatural History by John Blum & Kate Orman is a Science Fiction novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Unnaturan History

Rating: The Science Fiction novel Unnatural History by John Blum & Kate Orman has been rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
Series: Doctor Who
Author: John Blum & Kate Orman
Published: 1999
Review by: CL8 Babel

When the Doctor, Sam and Fitz arrive in San Francisco, they discover that the Doctor's previous visit left scars....

This is a great book which builds on the foundation's laid in "Alien Bodies". Faction Paradox are back and they're nastier than ever, playing liberally around with Time and laughing in the Doctor's face. The Doctor's companion, Sam, is the biggest victim of this tampering and she learns some disturbing things about herself.

All this and the TARDIS nearly destroyed again....the poor girl has received quite a battering in the Eighth Doctor's time. In the end, the Doctor risks all to save his beloved ship and in doing so, nearly causes a disaster. It demonstrates that in this incarnation he is not perfect and is prone to the odd mistake.

Fitz is, well...Fitz and that's all that can be said about him. In his early appearances he wasn't much more than a confused lothario in a trenchcoat.

One word of caution: this book is part of an ongoing plotline that was begun in "Alien Bodies" and will be continued in "Interference" and it would be worthwhile reading these books as a series. However, it's well worth the effort.

Title: Unnatural History
Author: John Blum & Kate Orman
Series: Doctor Who
Review by: CL8 Babel