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Doctor Who

Day of the Daleks

Rating: The Science Fiction novel Day of the Daleks by Terrance Dicks has been rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
Series: Doctor Who, Television Adaptation #1
Author: Terrance Dicks
Published: 1974
Review by: CL2 The Clone of Maul

Synopsis: It is the 22nd Century and the Daleks rule the planet Earth, the world is ravaged by war and humanity struggles to survive. Several resistance fighters decide to travel back in time, just before World War 3 to halt its' coming. This was the event that caused the Daleks to take over Earth. THe plan is to kill the politician Sir Reginald Styles who they assume instigated the war. Only one person stands in their way - The Doctor - now in his 3rd incarnation, and assisted by Jo Grant, the Brigader abd the rest of UNIT...

Review: At last I can pick up a Doctor Who book starring my favorite robot bad guys, who make R2-D2 look like a harmless tin can. Yes - The Daleks!

The book is finely written by veteran Doctor Who author Terrance Dicks, despite this only being an adaptation of several episodes of the tevelision series. The plot seems simple at first, but then there's may twists and turns as the guerillas (the resistance fighters of the 22nd century), are determined to assasinate the politician who started WW3 and caused the Daleks to take over the Earth so easily. Of course, the Doctor, in typical form, won't stand for this, and suspects everything is not as it seems. He journeys to the 22nd century in an attempt to rescue his companion Jo Grant from the Controller, a human loyal to the Daleks.

Several of the supporting cast in this story are written very well as they fight the war with the Daleks. There's a surprising twist at the end after everyojne discovers the real reason World War 3 started but I ain't spoiling it here!

I liked the self-sacrifice the characters who battled the Daleks had, and felt they must do, a fine example of writing in this story. I think, even if you have seen the episodes, the Day of the Daleks book is more interesting for youare able to listen to the character's thoughts and feelings.

So, whether you've seen The Day of the Daleks episodes or not, this book is a pretty nice read.

NOTE: This book is currently out of print, but is available used thru or a 2nd hand bookseller.

Title: Day of the Daleks
Author: Terrance Dicks
Series: Doctor Who, Television Adaptation #1
Review by: CL2 Clone of Maul