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Area 51

Rating: The Science Fiction novel Area 51 by Robert Doherty has been rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
Series: Area 51, #1
Author: Robert Doherty
Published: March, 1997
Review by: CL6 Kali D'or

If you think that we are NOT alone on this planet, and you don't believe that what the government and military are telling us about UFO's and little green men, this book is definitely one you need to read.

This is quite an adventure, as well as a mystery that starts in Tennessee, and then jumps back and forth between Nevada, Egypt, Nebraska, New Mexico and Washington, DC. I thot, as I quickly leafed through the book before I started reading, that I would be confused, but jumps back and forth are well done and not confusing.

The basic premise of the story starts with the mysterious message that a freelance journalist, Kelly Reynolds receives from her friend Jphnny Simmons: a tape of a crash of an Air Force jet somewhere in Nevada. Very Verry strange stuff on that tape, and then, Johnny disappears. He is an investigative reporter and they have been best friends for years. She becomes immediately concerned and begins her own fact-finding plans to locate him.

Meanwhile, Professor Peter Nabinger is in Cairo, Egypt working at an archeological dig. And he has a rather unnerving discussion with one of his workers, Kaji, who, believe ti or not, was there working with the Nazi's back in 1945. He relates a secret to Nabinger that he has kept all these years. There is some connection between the Germans, the pyramids, and something going on with the US government and military somewhere in the desert in Nevada. Nabinger heads back to the States in search of Doctor/Professor Von Seeckt.

The third character that impacts this story is Mike Turcotte, a Rangers/Special Forces type who is brought in to the "area" on a secert mission that is not readily revealed. We are also introduced to Prague, another soldier with dubious intent, and the real creep if this whole story, General Gullick. The reader will immediately dislike this guy, with good reason. Talk about a bad attitude!! and delusions of grandeur. Gullick is a great character study in arrogance, an overworked opinion of his personal excellence as well as plain old bad manners.

Which brings us to the central location, Area 51. That mysterious place in the Nevada desert that our government, to this day, denies its existence. How our heros and protagonists all arrive at the same place at the same time for different reasons will keep the gentle reader turning pages at a furious pace. This is one of those reads that keeps you up half the night just to see what happens next.

And don't forget the "alien presence" . And thats all I'm gonna tell you about it. You have to read this one, and then get "Area 51: The Reply", which is the sequel. Will let you know how that one goes as soon as I read it *lol*. There are three books that are companions to this story line. They aren't particularly called a series, but they compliment each other and give the whole thing continuity. Haven't found the 3rd one yet, but I'm looking for it.

Title: Area 51
Author: Robert Doherty
Review by: Kali D'or