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Area 51: The Reply

Rating: The Science Fiction novel Area 51: The Reply by Robert Doherty has been rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Series: Area 51: #2
Author: Robert Doherty
Published: 1998
Review by: CL6 Kali D'or

"Area 51:The Reply" picks up immediately after the the end of its prequel, "Area 51:. The mysterious golden pyramid on Easter Isalnd is still silent, the group Majestic 12 has been destroyed, along with their secret base in New Mexico. Mike Turcotte, Special Presidential Advisor Lisa Duncan is still sending Turcotte off on secret missions, and Kelly Reynolds is not really sure if the problems that were revealed in the first story are really over.

Now the situation is going to get even worse. Earth is receiving a message from, of all places, Mars. It seems that the rumor of that large face, that scientists say is just a geological formation, may be something else. And may be somehow connected to the Airlia and Aspasia. Question is, who are the good guys and who aren't?

The situation gets even more interesting when it is revealed that the Russians have been working on an Airlian space craft for years, in secret. And there is another discovery of an Airlian artifact in the jungles of Africa. Mike Turcotte and a special opps group discover something noone can begin to understand. In the meantime, a wonderful character, Che Lu, Chinese Archeologist, is sneaking into a thousands year undisturbed tomb because she recognizes more of Prof. Nabingers "runes" on some artifacts discovered in the area. Although 78 years old, this gal really has some "chutzpah" and you will enjoy how her adventure with her students turns out.

To muck up the works, we have the United Nations, and an "alphabet soup" of governmental agencies all with their fingers in the pie. STARR, the NSA, DSCC-10, UNAOC, the US Navy, JPL and NASA, the CIA, and a very strange military guy, Coridan (no rank?) hangin out at JPL giving orders regarding the surveillence of Mars. The way they move the probes and cameras around, pretty slick stuff.

This reads like a good old fashioned action adventure, except that we are looking for the good/bad guys from outerspace and wondering just who is who. The radio messages frommars are confusing at best, and the only one who seems to have a handle on them is Kelly Reynolds, still writing stories for the media and hoping for answers.

There are alot of plot twists, surprises both good and bad, and excellent character development and relationships that come and go, and change. And once you reach the end of this book, you are going to do the same thing I did, run off the the book store/Amazon, and order the next one, "The Mission". Stay tuned, the story isn't over yet!

Title: Area 51: The Reply
Author: Robert Doherty
Review by: Kali D'or