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X Marks the Spot

Rating: The Science Fiction novel X Marks the Spot by Les Martin & Chris Carter has been rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Series: X Files #01, Volume 1
Author: Les Martin & Chris Carter
Published: June, 1995
Review by: CL4 Dracmus

Synopsis: The FBI thinks that Agent Fox Mulder is weird - or worse. He keeps insisting that aliens are running amok on Earth. Mulder may not be weird at all. He may just the one with the answers noboby's ready to hear, or should hear.

review: The students of an Oregon high school class are dying one by one. Agents Mulder and Scully must try to make sense of a town gone mad, where teenagers minds are turned off like a lamp, mysterious fires explode after dark and bodies blossom with otherworldly scars. Mulder's explainations are strangely unpopular, especially when he starts diggin up graves. Is seems someone or something is terrified he'll uncover the truth....

This is the start of the very first X-Files episode and the beginning of many more. And thank goodness, there are more. Agent Dana Scully is a doctor who teaches medicine for the FBI. Scully is made Mulder's new partner. She is the one who has to keep an eye on the facts instead of making up his very strange theories about aliens and magic, which Mulder seems to like.

Fox Mulder, FBI agent, studied psychology at Harvard and Oxford. Best in his class. He had an excellent reputation until he found the X-Files. These files document strange incidents and inexplicable phenomonons. Som ecall the ghost stories, others call them fiction. Mulder wants to solve these cases and only then close the files when they are solved. But his superiors want to close the files as soon as possible.

Mulder and Scully are going to Bellefleur - the friendliest town, if only someone could tell the people who live there. But on their way there, they see some strange things, like watches that stop and a compass going crazy. The locals don't want the FBI messing around with their deceased relatives. Mulder and Scully want to know why the class of '89 are all dying. Therefore, he wants to examine the victims but the the townspeople refuse. They don't want the FBI to interfere and then let them know in different ways.

I really like this book. It is the very first episode on TV, and the first book. It is a rather small book, but it has everything in it. The book isn't hard to read at all and nice small chapters. It's really easy to imagine the story, even if you have seen the TV episode. And, if you didn't see the show, read the book. It's just one of the great books of the X-files series.

The Truth is out there and in here.

Title: X Marks the Spot
Author: Les Martin & Chris Carter
Review by: CL4 Dracmus