Empathy by Ellen Steiber, Charles Grant Craig & Chris Carter is a Science Fiction novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Rating: The Science Fiction novel Empathy by Ellen Steiber, Charles Grant Craig & Chris Carter has been rated 2/5 by this reviewer.
Series: X Files Teen Series #5
Author: Ellen Steiber, Charles Grant Craig & Chris Carter
Published: July, 1997
Review by: CL6 Dracmus

Synopsis: Empathy is a novelization by Ellen Steiber, based on the TV series The X-Files, created by Chris Carter. Based on the teleplay by Charles Grant Craig.

The new yearbook pictures are being made and Carl Wade is the assistant photographer. He spots a good-looking girl, and visits her at night. He enters through the window and finds Amy Jacobs in her bed, with her little sister snoring in the next bed. Carl grabs Amy and covers her mouth. Amyís sister Sadie woke up and sees what happenes. She calls out for Amy, but gets no responds. And then it all hits her and she calls for her mom.

Review: Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Lucy Household is working as a waitress, she needs to keep this job. But everything seems to keep going wrong, and as if that isnít enough, her nose starts bleeding. A simple nosebleed, but she is wrong: she collapses and starts mumbling "Nobodyís gonna spoil us."

The FBI is already on this kidnap case, and nothing seems to point to an X-file case. Scully doesnít have a clue what they are doing here, the FBI already seem to handle it. Amy Jacobs has been abducted, and if the donít find her in 48 hours then their chance to get her back to her family alive is very small. Lucy Household was been kidnapped when she was eight, and managed to escape five years later. But that doesnít explain while she was saying the words that Amyís kidnapper said while kidnapping her.

This X-file case is a decent one: youíll find out what the connection is between Amy and Lucy. The way the story is told it terrible. They explain everything here as if it was the first X-files book ever. And the book is from a second series of teleplay-based books. I would think that by now I know the connection between Mulder and Scully, they donít have to explain their whole history every time they start an argument. In every book you got a small explanation of who Mulder and Scully are, when they first gather to view the case. I know that not every one has seen the series on TV. But this is too annoying while reading the story.

The truth is out there - And in here...

Title: Empathy
Author: Ellen Steiber, Charles Grant Craig & Chris Carter
Review by: CL6 Dracmus