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The Host

Rating: The Science Fiction novel The Host by Les Martin has been rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
Series: X Files Teen Series #8
Author: Les Martin
Published: October, 1997
Review by: CL6 Dracmus

Synopsis:The Host is a novelization by Les Martin, based on the The X-Files tv series. Created by Chris Carter, based on the teleplay written by Chris Carter.

The X-files have been closed and Mulder has been given boring assignments. He is at a stakeout when he gets to go investigate a murder. A body has been found in the Newark sewers. Mulder now really has the feeling that he can clean up the dirty work for the agency.

Review: Mulder is listening to two people who are planning a crime, the boring part wasnít that it took just so long, not the way that they did plan stuff. When they finally had made up their minds then Mulder would have been retired, died of boredom or thrown out of the Agency. Then two agents come in, one is to relieve Mulder. Assistant Director Skinner has asked for Mulder on a murder case. He can fly to Newark, where sewer workers have found a body in the sewer. Well this must be better then listening to the guys on the phoneÖ

Nothing is less true, the sewer just stinks and the body seems to be just a common murder. Mulder doesnít like the assignments the agency gives him. And he makes sure Skinner knows that. Scully finds Mulder at the riverside - they might not be partners any more, but they are still friends. Mulder explains to her what happened and that he is thinking about leaving the bureau. Scully canít believe it, and offers to help him in his murder case. She does the autopsy, which is also a smelly job. She doesnít find anything interesting till she sees a worm in the manís body. The worm is still alive, but not quick enough for Scully to catch it. After going through some books, Scully is sure that the worm is a Flukeworm. But this seems to be a rather large specimen. Then Mulder phones Scully: he has found proof of another worm. A worm has bitten someone, and the wound makes Mulder think of their Flukeworm. Itís the size of the manís wound that is troubling, namely the upper part of his back. A normal worm couldnít have done that.

I really like the cover of my version of the book; it gives a nice idea about the worm. This is about the first book where I say that the TV version was better. It is an X-files story, but seeing the wound, the creature and the rest to really find this story more interesting then reading the book. Itís a small book, easy to read, and still worthwhile to read. Is this a mystery, nature going wrong or are humans helping nature a little; well thatís what you just have to find out. Are you really sure you can leave this X-file unsolved?

The Truth is out there...and in here

Title: The Host
Author: Les Martin
Review by: CL6 Dracmus