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Our Town

Rating: The Science Fiction novel Our Town by Eric Elfman has been rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Series: X Files Young Adult Series #4
Author: Eric Elfman
Published: 1997
Review by: CL6 Dracmus

Synopsis: Our Town by Eric Elfman, is based on the TV series The X-Files, created by Chris Carter and the teleplay by Frank Spotnitz.

It is dark when George Kearns drives through the woods. He doesnít like his job, and it seems that his company doesnít like him. Paula Grey asks if thereís something wrong. George snaps back to the present. He forgot that he wasnít alone. Paula tells him to stop the car, and to go into the woods. Paula jump out of the car and starts running to the trees. George, however is having one of his attacks. He takes his meds and it doesnít last long, but just long enough to lose Paula out of sight. He gets out of the car, and shouts her name. Paula shouts back, and he follows the sound of her voice. Then he sees a swarm of fireflies, he refocuses and sees that they are not inches away. But ways across the clearing, and it arenít flies but balls of bouncing lights, coming his way. He turns around, ready to run away. But the branches part and heís staring into a grotesque mask. George is too frightened to scream and steps back. Then he sees an ax, aiming for his throat. He manages to scream, which only is stopped when the ax drives home.

Review: Mulder has found himself an interesting file. But Scully canít see why it is an X-file: George Kearns has gone missing for over ten weeks. He was a federal poultry inspector assigned to Dudley, Arkansas. The same night a woman saw a strange fire, a so-called Foxfire. The legend goes that people are being dragged of by fireballs, never to be seen again. Scully admits, a supernatural connection, but a weak one. Then Mulder shows her a documentary about an insane asylum, one that gave him nightmares when he first saw it as a child. Scully admits that the person on the screen isnít good looking with his gray skin, and his eyes deep in his sockets, and the flesh around them sunken and black. Mulder tells Scully that this is Creighton Jones. He was missing for three days, after they found him like this right in the middle of Dudley: The home of Chaco Chicken.

The more research Mulder and Scully do, the more this seems as a normal missing person case. Husband and wife have problems and the husband leaves without a note. Then they find a person working at the chicken plant, who had the same symptoms as George had: shakeing, headaches, seeing things. Paula is the granddaughter of Mr. Chaco, owner of the plant. He gives the agents permission to do an autopsy to see whatís going on. Scully discovers that both George and Paula had Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. And chances that two people in one town have this disease are astronomically small. The only way you can get this disease is by eating something that already was infected.

This is such a great X-file; you got your search for the truth, an abnormality and such a great outcome. A tip I might give: Good People Ė Good Food. I hope to get you thinking what might be awaiting you while reading this book. And I hope you find the book just as interesting as me. There is nothing better then a good X-files case.

The truth is out there....and in here

Title: Our Town
Author: Eric Elfman
Review by: CL6 Dracmus