Shapes by Ellen Steiber, Marilyn Osborn & Chris Carter is a Science Fiction novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Rating: The Science Fiction novel Shapes by Ellen Steiber, Marilyn Osborn & Chris Carter has been rated 3/5 by this reviewer.
Series: X Files Young Adult #6
Author: Ellen Steiber, Marilyn Osborn & Chris Carter
Published: May, 1996
Review by: CL6 Dracmus

Synopsis:Shapes is an X File novel based on the first season of the tv series.

Itís a dark night in Montana, a storm is coming. Jim Parker is standing outside his ranch with his son Lyle, waiting for something... They know what it is. But they have never talked about it on. There is lightning in the black sky. The house suddenly goes dark. But that isnít what is worrying him. Then he hears it. The same sounds as he heard the other times. A low furious growling. Bestial, but not... This night he won't loose any cattle to the beast. They hear the beast come closer. Both of them check their weapons, and step into the dark to find this creature...

Review: Mulder and Scully move to Browning, Montana. An Indian named Joe Goodensnake has been killed. The suspect, Jim Parker claims that he has shot an animal, who was attacking his son. His has the scars to prove that. But when he later checked on the animal to see what he shot, he saw that he had shot a young man, an Indian.

Scully doesnít know why Mulder is so interested in this case. It is a normal case man shoots man. They didnít like each other, which was well knows. Jim Parker let his cattle on Indian land, so Joe Goodensnake claims... Then Mulder shows her an old file, the first X-file. He tells her that he did some more digging and has found another group of incidents, similar to the one that has happened here in Browning. Scully still doesnít get it. But she agrees on doing the autopsy on the victim.

She finds that he has scars on his back and that he was a healthy man. Nothing out of the ordinary... Then Mulder asks if she has the victim's dental chards. Scully asks why, and Mulder shows her the teeth. The canine tooth are not normal, they are longer, almost look like fangs. Mulderís explains his theory to her: all the cases he found from this area seem to point to an Indiana legend. Men can change into an animal form. Just like Joe Goodensnake. He changed into a creature, more wolf then man. It explains that Jim Parker saw an animal. It explains why Jim's cattle looked like it was ripped to pieces. It explains all. Scully disagrees. There have been more cases where there have abnormalities in the human body.

Another mystery, plenty of explanations offered, but which one is the truth? Well this book tells us. I find it an easy to read book, can be read in a few hours. It has everything in it, even that it is such a small book, and that the writer doesnít take us further into the file. For those of you who still can remember the first season, remember an Indian asking why Mulder's first name is Fox and not Running Fox.

The truth is out there....and in here

Title: Shapes
Author: Ellen Steiber, Marilyn Osborn & Chris Carter
Review by: CL6 Dracmus