Goblins by Charles L. Grant & Chris Carter is a Science Fiction novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Rating: The Science Fiction novel Goblins by Charles L. Grant & Chris Carter has been rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
Series: X Files = Movie Tie-in, Series Intro.
Author: Charles L. Grant & Chris Carter
Published: November, 1994
Review by: CL4 Dracmus

Synopsis: A maverick FBI agent and the female agent assigned to keep him in line are given the eeriest unsolved cases that must be handles quickly and secretly before the public finds out what is really going on.

Review: When Mulder returns from lunch, he meets an old friend who has an interesting case for him - there are two people, an ex-military and a corporal of the local base, Fort Dix, murdered in a little town called Marville. Furthermore, some people have been disappearing without a trace. But Mulder doesn't want to investigate it. He has alot of cases to look through so he can help other agnets with theirs. His superior assigns him to a case anyway, with Dana and 2 other agents. Off they go to Marville.

Two men were killed - one in a ally and one in the woods just outside Fort Dix. Both were killed on a Saturday night, and with a bayonet. Thats all they know for sure. Noone has seen the killer and the victims have no relation to each other. Bit so far, no X-file. Nothing creepy and nothing that would suggest otherwise. But hey, when a Senator says you have to go and solve a case, you do what he asks.

Marville is a little town with it's glory days long gone. It is there that they find an old woman who tells them about the "cobalt people." She says that they walk their rounds every weekend at night. But nobody believes her. Is this the answer they are searching for, or is there a great secret project going on at Fort Dix? Which people want to keep the secret? Fort Dix is used for traiing and is fighting to keep its operations open.

The book is just like the series. But this time you know what Dana is thinking when she looks at Mulder. But there is just one strange fact here: it looks like Dana thinks she believes in the supernatural, which she doesn't normally do. But its still a great book and a tip for any X-Files fan. I enjoyed reading it - just like watching an episode on TV. Really easy to imagine the people and events that happen. There is only one thing to do now - read the book!

The Truth is out there and in here.

Title: Goblins
Author: Charles L. Grant & Chris Carter
Review by: CL4 Dracmus