X Files: Ruins by Kevin J. Anderson is an X Files Science Fiction novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Ruins: X-File #3

Rating: The Science Fiction novel X Files: Ruins by Kevin J. Anderson has been rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Series: X Files #3
Author: Kevin J. Anderson
Published: April, 1996
Review by: CL4 Dracmus

Synopsis: A team of American archaeologists is doing research at the ruins of a Mexican temple complex called Xitaclán. Suddenly the whole team disappears. Mulder and Scully have been partners for three years now and their next case will be to resolve this mysterious disappearing. But will they solve this file.....?

Review: Once more a great X-file book. Giving us a great story where Mulder, Scully and Vladimir Rubicon are off to find Cassandra Rubicon and her team of archaeologists in the middle of the Mexican jungle. With a lot of bugs, no showers and ancient curses.

Cassandra Rubicon, Cait Barron, Christopher Porte, Kelly Rowan and John Forbin are on an expedition to an Aztec temple complex in Yucatán, with funds of the University of California in San Diego where they are post-doctoral students. They have found a site, not touched by other archaeologists. They can't wait to get started. They find a lot of hieroglyphics and even a temple untouched. But the jungle isn't as quiet as it seems. They find that out when a guerilla group finds out their location and starts shooting at them.

Mulder gets an object of Jade with a picture cut out, it's a feathers snake and shows it to Scully. Scully asks what it has to do to one of his cases. Mulder answers normally nothing, but this special piece of carved jade has been seizured at the border of a Mexican state called Quintana Roo in Yucatán. And according to the arrested trader it's origin lies in an archaeologists site deep in the jungle, a ruin which is called Xitaclán. The archaeologists who worked on that site have disappeared suddenly. And the father of Cassandra Rubicon, Vladimir Rubicon, who is an well known archaeologist, has called the Bureau yesterday and the Bureau gives me all the Maya ruins and ancient curses.

First they stop by the office of the "Lone Gunmen" for some information, then they go to talk with Vladimir Rubicon. Then are off to the solve this strange file.

When they arrive in Quintana Roo they are off to the hotel, where Vladimir Rubicon is trying to get some help from people he ones worked with. But no luck, then he remembers his daughters last card, which said that she had found a guide named Fernando Victorio Aguilar. When they have found Fernando Aguilar they prepare for their journey into the jungle.

But Mr Aguilar is not only a guide, he also sells precious Maya objects to drug barons or other people who want to pay for them. The local commissioner Carlos Barreio is helping with it. Carlos Barreio is leader of the Liberación Quintana Roo. And makes sure that the liberation gets a part of the Maya objects to buy guns. The Liberación Quintana Roo want Quintana Roo to be a separate country, it has it's own land, it's own culture.

When they all have arrived at the archaeology site, after a two day walk thru the jungle, they can't find the team, and the native helpers don't even want to stay at the place. The natives think that Mulder, Scully and Vladimir Rubicon should not be there and that they all will be curses from their ancient god Kukulkán. They even bring a blood offering to their god.

I find this a great book. I like the fact that there is so much Maya culture stuff in the book. And the book starts each chapter with the place where they are and the time. Just like on TV. This way you know what is supposed to take place at the same time, and know for how long they are at a certain place. The books has short chapters, so it won't be a problem reading a little. Just read a number of chapters, you don't have to stop with just one. I can't find something bad to tell about this book. It has the classic X-Files things in it. Mulder seeing a space ship, Scully missing all the fun. And the army who covers up all the evidence. And ant the end even Scully sees something where she don't have an explanation for. But at the end this is an X-files where she can say: file closed.

The truth is out there, and in here!

Title: X Files: Ruins
Author: Kevin J. Anderson
Review by: CL4 Dracmus