Ground Zero by Kevin J. Anderson & Chris Carter is a Science Fiction novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.
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Ground Zero

Rating: The Science Fiction novel Ground Zero by Kevin J. Anderson & Chris Carter has been rated 5/5 by this reviewer.
Series: X Files
Author: Kevin J. Anderson & Chris Carter
Published: July, 1996
Review by: CL5 Dracmus

Synopsis: Mulder and Scully stand before a new mystery. Dr. Emil Gregory a nuclear weapons researcher in one of the largest nuclear research facilities in America died by, what seems, a firebomb, placed in his office. But when Scully is performing the autopsy, she finds that this isn't a normal victim of fire...

Review: There is a riot going on outside the Teller Nuclear Research Facility, Pleasanton in California. But Emil Gregory, project leader of a nuclear weaponsreseach facility is used to it. He has seen a lot of riots due to the H-bombs and other bombs. Then his secretary comes in with the mail and asks if she can leave early...No problem. Dr. Gregory wanted to stay a few more hours so that the riot wouldn't bother him. In his mail he finds a odd envelope. When opened, he finds a note and a bottle with strange black powder in it. He leaves the stuff on a desk and concentrates on his work again. The last thing Dr. Gregory saw that day was a bright white light.....

Mulder and Scully arrive at the Teller Nuclear Research Facility. When they got there, new identification passes finally get them on the premises of the Department of Energy. They have been called there to investigate a rare incident. And the FBI can try to solve this incident. Even when they get limited access, have to talk to people who can't tell anything because it is confidential and the case seems to be an X-file.

Miriel Bremen once worked in the Teller Nuclear Research Facility. But now she is the leader of Stop Nuclear Madness!, a demonstration group against all the nuclear weapons. She worked in the Teller facility with Dr. Gregory on a project called: Bright Anvil. A new sort of nuclear warhead. The weapon should not have any fallout when fired. But that can only be tested in one way. And if the weapon is successfull, think of the possibilities of the use for it. Fire a nuclear bomb on a city. Only the people will die. The buildings will be unharmed. And you can use it as your headquarters right away. A new top weapon.

I find this a real good book. Just as the other X-files books. They are real X-files episodes, like on TV. I like it when you know how the characters in the books think. And I think that they show a little more of what happens. This book has a nice extra thing with each chapter. The chapters are numbered and the time and place is there too. A nice detail and very helpful when things happen in the same time. There is enough history facts of H-bombs and other nuclear bombs in the book. Just things that are nice to know and make the story interesting. More like they didn't make it all up. Any thing bad about the book? Well not for me. But find out yourself and just read it.

The truth is out there! And in here

Title: Ground Zero
Author: Kevin J. Anderson & Chris Carter
Review by: CL4 Dracmus