Ascension by Quentin Thomas is a Science Fiction novel showcased in the Outpost 10F Library.

Rating: The Science Fiction novel Ascension by Quentin Thomas has been rated 4/5 by this reviewer.
Series: X Files
Author: Harper Prism & Quentin Thomas
Published: December, 1999
Review by: CL6 Dracmus

Synopsis: X Files - three stories in one book! Based on the teleplays ‘Duane Barry’ by Chris Carter, ‘Ascension’ by Paul Brown and ‘One Breath’ by Glen Morgan and James Wong.

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Part one: Duane Barry

Duane Barry thinks that he is an abducted. He wants to convince his psychiatrist of that fact and give him to the aliens in his place. There is one small problem. Where will the aliens be landing next time? He goes to a travel agency to find out. The people there tell him that they can not help and he gets angry. He decides to takes them all hostage. The hostage negotiations team of the FBI call in for Mulder. He has experience with abductees cases. His job is to get the people out unharmed. Mulder asks Scully to find out more about Duane Barry. But doesn’t believe the info she brings him.

Part two: Ascension

Scully is been taken hostage by Duane Barry. If he can’t take Dr Hakkie with him then she will be the one. He won’t go up there again, not this time. He finally knows where to go, Skyland Mountain. Meanwhile, Mulder is trying to get help from outside the bureau. But Mr. X doesn’t want to help him. The Lone Gunmen aren’t able to help him out. And worst of all, he isn’t even official on the case. That doesn’t stop him from searching for his partner and friend Dana Scully.

Part three: One Breath

Mulder has found some comfort in Margaret Scully, Scully’s mother. Together they talk about Scully and try to have hope. He has almost given up when he gets a call from the hospital. They have found her. Mulder finds her at the intensive care unit. She’s unconscious and hooked up to a lot of machines. The next day the Dr wants to talk to Scully’s family. Mulder is invited by Margaret to listen what is going on with Scully. He tells them that it’s not sure if Scully will wake up ever again. They need to talk about how long they will let this go on and what Scully has put on paper in case she was to go into coma. Mulder won’t give up but has made more enemies in the past week then he can handle. Alec Krycek, who was tolled by the bureau to keep an eye on Mulder is now after him with orders of the cancerman to take him out if he gets too close.

Three episodes from the X-files stuffed together in one book. And a good book it is. X-files all the way, as usually in the X-files books. Mystery, aliens, the bureau and even more. Mulder using every resource he has to find his friend and partner. You didn’t see these episodes on TV or can’t remember them? If the answer is yes then you cannot leave this book on the shelf or the store without reading it. And if you answer is no, well you missed a lot. This is the perfect opportunity to start reading the X-files books. And before you know it you will be in too deep to ever be able to stop before you read them all.

The truth is out there... and in here

Title: Ascension
Author: Harper Prism & Quentin Thomas
Review by: CL6 Dracmus